The Diesel Confederacy

The Diesel Confederacy


We play both kinds of music...Country and Western.


We all go way back, growing up in the south end of Seattle and while we have all been working various different projects, (touring, and recording with different bands and musicians) over the years we have all remained close. We all have similar tastes in music and decided we wanted to put something together a little different. This, for us is just that. We have been described as "Country, Bluegrass, Nascar Rock, but never "rockabilly". We feel that we have put together some very good material and we have alot of fun doing it. We started the band back in spring of 2005 working on some songs that we had actually wrote years earlier and that was the spark, we just started cranking out more and more tunes. All the while we continued working on our other projects; Jimbo has held down the bass for many different Seattle bands and has recently dropped everything to focus on this endeaver for what he calls, "a band with genuine song writing ability". Scott has a couple things going on with Dudley Taft and Evan Sheeley in the Dudley Taft Blues Overkill. Rico keeps touring overseas (but I think we gott him on lock down now) and LLoyd- well LLoyd just stays busy. We have kept this band alive by writing and recording songs that have layers and a sonic depth to them. We decided early on that none of our songs would be just cd "filler" and I think we have stayed true to that. I dont think we have a sound like any other band out there. We then decided to pick out 5 songs and release them as an EP - Hook@Int13. - We recently played a few select shows and so far the response has been overwhelming - we sold out of the first run of the EP! We are currently in the studio this summer and are gearing up for a full cd release.


EP - Hook@Int13 -5 songs that capture/summarize the band

Set List

Ranked, Stuck here with you, Lord knows, Says she loves, Haze, The shame, Around, Dog dont hunt, Butterface, Long time to love, Knucklehead, Heven, Encore, Chip away the stone, Burn...15 songs approx. 1 hour 30 min. 1 cover Chip away the stone, early Aerosmith.