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"The Diets" is an Indie-rock band from Seattle Washington, who formed in 2005 in the heart of Seattle’s University District. The Diets’ basic rock quartet
(guitar/bass/drums) sound is augmented on their latest studio recordings using many interesting studio techniques. For example, "False Light" (from Passit On! EP) culminates in a section constructed entirely from repeated, overdubbed layers. The songs themselves loosely conform to the early 80's post-punk aesthetic due to influences such as Joy Division, New Order, The Cure and even, The Smiths to modern Indie-greats such as T.V. on the Radio and Broken Social Scene.

Paul Downing first brought forth the name “Diets” because of the many nights spent playing in Downing’s basement drinking nothing but Safeway Diet Colas (which were the only things they could afford that would keep them alert). After many attempts at creating a sound (and after many different types of diet products), The Diets have honed in on a sound inspired from curiosity and experimentation that culminates in odd musical and lyrical arrangements. Tumolva admits that the song November (Passit On! EP) is actually a song with only choruses and a spoken word intro used to satiate the need for a verse. Counter to November, the song Saturday Night (not released) is a song comprised without a chorus. The song False Light (Passit On! EP) on the other hand follows a more traditional song arrangement with chorus and verse along with the addition of a huge bridge and wall of sound effect which is a Diets trademark.

Shows we've played or will play:

3/10/2005 - The Sureshot Cafe (first show)
With Liar of Flemming

12/11/2005 - The L.A.B (First Venue)
W/ Alki Beach, The Plankton beat and The Cigarette Girls

20/11/2005 - The Sureshot Cafe
With the Undercover Llamas.

17/01/2006 - Tost Lounge in Fremont
With Undercover Llamas and Dan Kamas

22/01/2006 - El Corazon
With Superfekta, Certain Inertia, the People Now and Guests

05/02/2006 - The Sureshot
W/H Shotty

23/03/2006 - High Dive
W/H A Street Named James and Guests

09/04/2006 - The Sureshot
w/h Micheal Trew

20/05/2006 - The Fusion cafe (Downtown YMCA)
W/H bands: Euphoric, Get Dressed, Mary Jane Watson

12/06/2006 - The Rendezvous
w/h Pheromones and The Fifteen Hundred Club

27/07/2006 - Fuel
W/ Censor Sensor

30/07/2006 - The Sureshot Cafe
w/h Censor Sensor!

03/08/2006 - The Comet Tavern
w/ kiss her for the kid and PBR Street Gang

04/08/2006 - Q Cafe
Description: THE JULIET w/ Madison

31/08/2006 - Fuel
w/h panther attack and Lost Hiker

19/09/2006 - Fuel
w/h Boss Tweeter & Censor Sensor

08/10/2006 - The Sureshot Cafe
W/H Censor Sensor

12/10/2006 - The Mars Bar
W/H Colonel Hamm & the Infedels

19/10/2006 - Skylark Cafe and Club
Description: With The Torn ACLs and Mooncalf

09/11/2006 - Fuel
w/h Boss Tweeter

30/12/2006 - Jules Maes Saloon
W/H KLED, Boss Tweeter, Lake of Falcons

11/01/2007 - The Comet
The Buffy Swayze, JPG
and A Gun that Shoots Knives

01/02/2007 - The Mars Bar

08/02/2007 - Columbia City Theater

16/02/2007 - Skylark
W/H Hey Marsailles and The Drop

Mar 19 2007 - High Dive

08/03/2007 - Jules Maes Saloon
with Angela Hammontree & the Malcontent, Mabel Dodge

15/04/2007 - The Sureshot

May 1 2007 - High Dive

May 3, 2007 - The Comet