The Difference

The Difference

 Chatham, Illinois, USA

The Difference is a Christian alternative rock band with four guys who are using their God-given abilities to make a difference in this world through the music we write and perform.


Together for just over two years, The DIfference recently had the privilidge of opening for Mercy Me, Jars of Clay, Thousand Foot Crutch, The Afters and Matt Maher. In addition we appeared on ShineFM for interviews and acoustic performances with The Afters.

Despite the fact that we started in high school, our age has not hindered our focus and message of our music that is inspired from our personal journeys with Christ.

The Difference began as two friends getting together to share our passion for music and recording. We added two like-minded members to our band, and soon we were performing our music in local churches and youth groups. Nearly three years later, we have written and performed nine original songs and have recorded our first CD.

Some of the band's musical influence stem from bands such as The Afters, Skillet and RED.


Broken Inside

Written By: The Difference

Broken Inside

Verse 1
You take a look at me and you tell me
what is it you see
A person whose got it all together
but you don’t know a thing

But I’m broken inside where no one can see
And I’m terrified of what’s in me

Verse 2
Go ahead and make your accusations
like you know who I am
A perfect life with a perfect background
no lies to be found


Bleed For You
Under Control
Rescue Me
Broken Inside
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A Place For Me
Under Your Wings
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