The Diffrents

The Diffrents

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People describe our music as upbeat,futuristic and sexy."We try to cover all bases and give people something to party to,make love to and to think about".


The Diffrents are a genre blending Alternative Hip-Hop group that heard their sound was different so much the name just stuck. The members of the group, Rich Kydd And Ra, are brother and sister and grew up on the streets of New York. Heavily influenced by Hip-Hop lyricist like Nas or Jay-Z, The Diffrents incorporates that same dedication to lyricism but changes the Hip-Hop genre by seamlessly integrating Pop, Rock and House elements. The groups eclectic mix of influences includes everything from Bob Marley To Bjork. Though they have been compared to The Fugees, Outkast and The Black Eyed Peas, they meld all musical genres together to create a sound unlike anything else you've ever heard."We're just as into Rock like Hendrix and The Doors as we are Pop like The Police or old school Hip-Hop like Whodini. We grew up on soul music playing those Marvin Gaye and Al Green records in our Grandma's house. At the same time we're heavy Hip-Hop heads that are greatly influenced by the four fathers of Hip-Hop like Rakim, Kane, KRS and Kool G Rap". The Diffrents are a musical male - female perspective giving their insights on life and love with such brutal honesty it touches the soul. The Debut Album "Questions To The Answer" is about the the quest for answers to those indescribable questions in our hearts. In a phrase "The answer to all questions is love..."


Questions To The Answer

Set List

1)Play My Dub
2)If Looks Could Kill
3)All 4 You
4)Mita Linda
5)Thug Or A Man
6)I ? U
7)You Told Me
10)Don’t Tell
11)Fabulous Life
12)1 of Those