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"'Love Is A Train' CD review"

This is that CD you need to complete your collection of fantastic music. I absolutely love the diversity of every song. The mood and overall sound changes with each track. You can't help but to sing along, the songs are just that daym good! -

"'Love Is A Train' CD review"

This collection of songs will definitely appeal to those who appreciate rock and blues. They even throw in a harmonica here and there, just for good measure! The music is upbeat and not overproduced. The lyrics are down to earth, but amazingly catchy, especially for Cant Get Over You (my personal favorite). Their title song, Love is a Train, has a gospel feel to it, complete with organ and a female choir backing them up (okay, maybe not an actual choir, but the harmonies are so full you wouldnt know the difference). Bruce (lead vocalist) does a great job with matching his singing style with the style of the music: he grinds to Cave Boy, yet puts in that 50s feel to Love Let Go.
This is the Digbees first CD, and they definitely made a very good first impression! -

"'Love Is A Train' CD review"

Love is a Train launches with two brilliant and criminally addictive folk-rock tunes. “Georgia Mae” is simplistic poetry: “Did you ever catch a scent that froze your mind / Two seconds after a woman walked by? / Leaves you in the dark, stumbling blind / When you turned around what did you expect to find?” “Front Door” follows suit; its chorus is painted with interesting rhythm breaks, featuring lively drum trips and rolls by percussionist Greg “Lucky” Zaino.

From there, the album takes a turn. The title track is a straight Southern rock, blues and gospel tune, while “Cave Boy” is along the same lines, showing influences from both blues and rock’s earliest days. Here, the lyrics are a bit ridiculous, and are overtly sexual, but the album makes no apologies. Its fun to picture these musicians having the time of their lives writing, recording and playing it.

“Affected Nonchalance” is a break-up song, and more pop-rock than anything heard on the album thus far. It evokes images of Guster and the Barenaked Ladies, whereas the songs prior to this track seem more like Wilco and Dylan. The first and last line of the song strikes as particularly poignant: “After all is said and done / Packing your bags took longer than our first kiss.” Still, a well-written song can stand on its own two feet, and this tune is tall, indeed.

The album closes with a bluesy, birth-of-rock style ballad, “Love Let Go” that immediately evokes the Skyliners’ 1959 hit “Since I Don’t Have You” with its melancholy heartache and its ‘60s style surf-rock ballad guitar work by frontman Bruce Hilton.

Though only seven tracks long, the album is adventurous, light-hearted and fun. Just don’t take it too seriously, and don’t look for meaning. (Self-released) - Northeast Performer

"'Love Is A Train' CD review"

Ladies and gentlemen, meet The Digbees, one of the newest Seacoast rock acts. Fresh from the Nov. 12 release of their debut album "Love Is A Train," this band of veteran Seacoast musicians is out to divide and conquer. Led by Bruce Hilton, best-known for his tenure with The Cause, his raspy, charismatic tenor and bluesy rock guitar are competently forefront. Behind him is the steady bass of Dave Nelson, who has played with the likes of Rick Derringer and Johnny Winter, and Greg "Lucky" Zaino holding down the beat.
This motley crew kicks off "Love Is A Train" with the classy pop rocker "Georgia Mae." This catchy number is reminiscent of the Wallflowers (minus the overhyped familial cred, of course). Following this gem is the swaggering blues rock of consistently great songs such as the title track, "Front Door," and the humorously repetitive "Can’t Get Over You." Although the lyrics of "Affected Nonchalance" can trip over themselves a bit, they’re still effective within the context of the song, and the song is still a pleasurable ride. The real surprise of "Love Is A Train," however, is the final track, a slow blues jam that simmers and sways.

With "Love Is A Train," The Digbees have fashioned themselves a fine debut, a surprisingly strong set of songs sure to please the palate of any rock and blues fan.
- Portsmouth Herald Spotlight


Love Is A Train (EP 2005)
Beat The Meetles; The Stinky Blackwater Tapes (Full Length 2006)
Rubber Revolver; The Stinky Blackwater Tapes Vol II (Full Length 2007)
Orphans Of Graceland (Full Length 2009)



The Digbees are a 5 piece Americana/Roots Rock band performing in the New Hampshire Seacoast region since Spring 2005. The band is comprised of seasoned rock veterans in their creative prime hailing from New England to Chicago.

Their first independent release, Love Is A Train, is a collection of 7 expertly crafted songs reminiscent of the Wallflowers or early Tom Petty. The title track got to the 3rd round of judging in the International Songwriting Competition, bumping out 30,000 other entries.

The Digbees have licensed songs for use in prime time network TV programs and film. Credits include "Veronica Mars" and “Greek”, independant film "Ball's Out" starring Randy Quaid, and webcast series, “High Heel Samurai”. The Digbees' Red Sox anthem, "Fenway Lights" is being used during games at Fenway Park in Boston Mass.

The band's second release, "Beat the Meetles; The Stinky Blackwater Tapes", a response to the local RPM Challenge, is a tongue in cheek spoof of Beatles songs, lauded by as "The funniest Beatles parody since the Rutles!" The 2007 follow up, "Rubber Revolver; The Stinky Blackwater Tapes Vol II" is available digitally.

The Digbees are currently performing in the New England Seacoast area supporting their 2009 release, "Orphans of Graceland", an enhanced CD featuring video and more.