The Digger Trends

The Digger Trends

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Coming from diverse musical backgrounds, The Digger Trends have created a heavy original sound combining dirty blues licks with a hard hitting overdrive mentality spanning many generations and genres from folk, blues, to rock and metal.


A young, up and coming, band consisting of Luke Fischer on lead guitar and vocals, Sam Majercik on rhythm guitar, Brendan Comer-Weaver on bass, and Spencer Knapp on the drums, The Digger Trends are four young guys from Boulder, CO, who have wanted nothing more than to make their own brand of rock n roll music. About 3 years ago Luke Fischer started, what eventually became, The Digger Trends in his parents basement. Joined by bassist Brendan Comer-Weaver they played with a multitude of different musicians as their musical talent and style evolved. The Digger Trends were later joined by guitarist Samuel Majercik and were on their way to creating the sound that they wanted as they continued to play shows around the Denver/Boulder area. When Drummer Spencer Knap joined in early 2008, the band was finally ready to unleash the music reflecting the quality level and sound that they were looking for. They have rocked houses through out the Boulder/Denver area at venues such as: The Fox Theatre, The Bluebird, Cervantes, The B-side Lounge, and many others in between. Showcasing an energetic, explosive live show, they go beyond the simple, somewhat formulaic, lead, rhythm, bass, and drum composition. These guys come together to give it their all and put out a captivating performance wherever and whenever they play. The band recently finished and released their first full-length album, “Strange Couples” to a sold out venue of more than 250 guests. The guys have begun working on promoting and booking new shows, and continue to create plenty of amazing new material.


Debut Album - Strange Couples

Set List

(Song length times are rough estimates)

Original Songs:

Got Soul - 3:37
The Ballad of Betty Lou - 6:50
No Pride - 4:40
Hambone - 4:32
The Brass - 4:06
Reba - 3:19
Wise Mama - 3:09
My County Road - 4:17
Sweet Faith 3:00
Dirt Don't Hurt (She Gator) - 4:25
Lord Knows - 4:00
Emerald Ally - 3:30


Under My Thumb (The Rolling Stones) - 3:30
Gimme Back My Bullets (Lynyrd Skynyrd) - 3:45
You Ain't Goin' No Where (Bob Dylan) - 2:40