The Dingo Babies

The Dingo Babies

 Boston, Massachusetts, USA

a song focused off-alt power trio


The Dingo Babies are a song focused off-alt power trio. Which means they are millennials reimagining 90's alt rock (millenni-alt ?), they don't shred (unless you ask mockingly), and they enjoy crafting 3 minute pop songs featuring feedback. They make a lot of noise for 3 people, actually. 

The band, comprised of Tommy Ng (bass/vocals); Will Palmeri (guitars); and Jamie Rowe (drums), have performed with acts such as Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros and Chadwick Stokes (Dispatch, State Radio) at Boston venues like The Sinclair, Great Scott, Middle East Nightclub and Pearl Street Nightclub in Northampton.

Currently crafting an album and touring, their latest work The Dingo Babies EP can be heard here:



Written By: ©Tommy Ng

When I saw those tears
Flatten on your cheeks
I felt weak weak weak
When I heard those voicemails screaming my name
I felt blame blame blame

When I see her smiling I see pain pain pain
When I hear her laughing I hear pain pain pain

If I saw someone else making her happy
I’d feel nothing
If she said that her life would be easier without me
I’d feel hate

I wanted to because I needed to
But that doesn’t mean it wasn’t hard to do
and I don’t always need what I want
But I almost always want what I need
If I ever figure out what that may be

When I felt your breath under the stars
I felt love
But when I see your face after hearing his name
I feel no shame and it brings me


Written By: The Dingo Babies

You surround me
Break me down
Laugh in my face
Turned around

Is what I am on the news?
Fear and hatred on the loose

I know the difference
I know we're all friends


Sad to anger
Anger sad
Me no likey
Hurts real bad

Is what I am on the news?
Fear and hatred on the loose

I know the difference
I know we're all friends
I know I know I know etc.


Written By: The Dingo Babies

Sometimes I write when I'm angry
Sometimes I sleep when I'm sad
When I'm happy all I wanna do is feel bad
When I feel something that doesn't make sense I can't accept that saying; "Well, you're only human"

So I leave my words out by the door
Stack up pennies on the floor
Let's play Spin The Bottle with a question mark to pair up some conflicting points of view
For seven minutes more
In the dark, tracing form
I hope it sounds like

La la la

When I'm staring in space
I often go back to a place like Atlanta, Midtown, my home
Me and my mom on a team
My cousins, they pick up their drinks
A pool table, we got stripes
You're on

I want to stop wanting and I want to save you trouble
But there are so many swimming in today
And tomorrow they will fly
And then on the next day they'll tire
They will dive
I hope they dive like

La la la

I am but really I am not
Really isn't really real
It's illusion
Just like "I'm only human"


The Dingo Babies - 2016

Breakfast   - 2014

Snacks EP - 2013