The Dioxide

The Dioxide


Were the dioxide were from Shreveport, La music is our life we all love to play we are recording an ep right now of 7 songs. If you were to book us we wouldnt complain were you put us on the bill or how much we were payed we would just be happy to play on any of the show you put us on!


Whats up! Were the dioxide we started out playing as a band in early 2009 we all love the excitement of playing in front of crowds. The longer we have played shows the more we like it. We all wantthis to be our life and will do what it takes to make it big. So if you have any questions please email me at or Look forward to playing shows with yall!!

- Taylor


Port City Lights- EP out in 2010

Set List

Seven songs:
1.What is this
3.Love Hate Tradgy
5.Sky isnt the limit
6.Hate to bleed
7.For whom the bell tolls (metallica)
8. Working on more songs at the moment.
About 30 minutes
We do one cover