The Direct Method

The Direct Method

 Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

Punchy indie pop. Crunchy guitar work that is interlaced with catchy melodies. Once you hear a song you're hooked and you want to hear more.


Every music lover has a tale of some band they found tucked away in the back of some record store somewhere. The Direct Method is that band. Hailing from Las Vegas, the band presents infectious melodies tucked neatly into muscular guitar interplay.
Formed in 2007 by frontman Tim Craft and bassist Kevin Gemmer, the band began after their previous band dissolved. With only 2 members, the band took the time to concentrate on writing songs they were truly proud of before playing shows. Quickly following, guitarist Andy Ricks and the recent addition of Chad Nicolas have completed the lineup and the Direct Method is gaining local attention with their high energy shows.
After 2 independent albums, the band looks to be on its way to bigger things.


"Most Likely Not" (2007)-LP
"You Can Lead a Horse to Water, but You Might Have to Put 'Em Down." (2009)-LP

Set List

Sets can be shortened or lengthened depending on the venue. Typically, a full set is 45 minutes (10-12 songs) and shorter sets are 30 minutes(6-8 songs). All of our songs are in the 3-4 minute range. We have 20 songs that we practice and interchange in sets periodically to keep it fresh.