The Dirt Band

The Dirt Band


The Dirt Band lull you into a false sense of security by pretending they could be all sweetness and light but underneath lurks a dark and grinding spirit that loves to be set loose upon the world.


The Dirt Band are pretty hard to describe; with 6 members and 3 songwriters in the band there's a lot of different influences flying around, Country, Punk, a bit of rock and definetly raw. We've been together as a six piece for 3 years and living in rural Queensland in the mountains has pushed us all into our own Hill Billy Grunge kinda style. We really got together to do a visual arts project in the local abattoir but ended up forming a band instead. We've decided we like to play in really small places, like no more than a 1000 people or in big cities of over a 1 000 0000. It seems the extremes get us the most and after touring western Queensland we loved those shows where everyone just got into and got messy. We mostly play away from home and love the road, our last tour took us around 7500km, 20 days and 6 shows. We've played in Hippy communities, Art Galleries, the Lillypad at the Big Day Out, The Troubadour (Bris), The Basement (Sydney) and Bar Open (Melbourne) to name a few places. We'll play anywhere you can keep it real.


Singles - Chances & Little Joe
LP - Giv'em enough Dirt
EP - Western Tour EP

Set List

At the momment:

1 Open Road
2 Narcsisism
3 Chances
4 Universal Cuppa
5 Shag
6 Packets
7 The Main Line
8 The Big Committ
9 Shock of My name
10 Seasons' Greetings
11 Wanted Man
12 Catharsisism

This is probab;y a 45 minute set but we have enough material to do a couple of hours. We play a few covers sometimes eg. Pretty Good by John Prine, Waitin ti Die - Townes Van Zandt and Miss Ohio - Gillian Welch.