The Dirty 30's

The Dirty 30's


Capital city punk/ska. The Dirty 30's blend 3rd wave ska, skate punk, and reggae to create fun music to dance and mosh to. With the independent release of their debut EP, this young Canadian 5-piece act will bring you a ska party set.


Art imitates life, and life should be fun. In a world of violence, chaos, and apocalyptic news headlines, one needs something to make them get up and dance. With punk rock mixed with grooving reggae-inspired rhythms, The Dirty 30’s create a unique blend of fun music.

Formed in 2006, by guitarist/ singer/ songwriter Devlin Morton, drummer Rembrandt MacLeod, and trombonist Tony Cardozo, this ska outfit began playing around Ottawa last year with the addition of Norah Paton and Colin Harris to the lineup. Their high-energy live show consists of catchy music and onstage antics, fun for all ages punk shows. Playing at events like The Ottawa SkaFest and SuperEx, venues such as the Capital Music Hall and the Bronson Centre, and by sharing the stage with acts such as Mustard Plug, The Flatliners, and The Johnstones, The Dirty 30’s are on their way to getting their name out to the public. Always looking for a new place to show their stuff, this group of ambitious musicians is continually improving their live show and repertoire. With a constantly growing fanbase, they are a local act to keep an eye on.

The Dirty 30’s went into the studio December 2007 to record their second EP, entitled “One Louder”. The disc showcases the musical diversity of these five young musicians, ranging from fast-paced skate punk to reggae grooves, and has already gotten airplay on campus and commercial radio. With plans to take their show on the road this coming summer armed with a ska party set, this local act has launched themselves upon an unsuspecting public, with a barrage of catchy horns, upbeat guitar, killer bass and gut-busting drum action!


One Louder (2008)

Gangsters of Ska (2007)

Set List

We can play for up to one hour and 10 minutes


Stand Up
Peanut Butter Jelly Sandwich
Fat American
Cloud 9
Can't Complain
New Order
Last Song of the Day
Put Another Beer Down
Rude Boy's Theme
Wide Awake
Phantom of the Pop-Era

Cover Songs:

Date Rape (Sublime)
Fatter Than You (Fatter Than Albert)
The Pink Panther