The Dirty Blondes

The Dirty Blondes


A raucous, four-piece garage-punk band from Springfield, MO, the Dirty Blondes put on the best show you will see this side of a re-formed Stooges fronted by a resurrected James Brown.


"We're called the Dirty Blondes, and we kick ass." The quote the cuts to the core of it. With influences ranging from from early garage and punk, to grunge, to dance rock, the Dirty Blondes make music and a show that insists that you get up and move. Featuring the guitar stylings and songwriting of St. Louis native Timmy "The Angry Panda" Miano; the thundering rhythm section of Nathan Mattney and Pat Fallwell; and fronted by the indomitable drinking, dancing rock machine that is Ranald Ives, this band will not let you forget for one second that it is not to be ignored. Now, with the release of their first album, 2008's "I'm Not Sorry," on MonoAmericano Records, the Dirty Blondes stand poised to conquer the world and leave the masses begging for more in their wake.

In case you're interested, The Dirty Blondes influences include:

The Animals, The Misfits, The Pixies, The Hives, Neil Diamond, The Eagles of Death Metal, Mission of Burma, Mudhoney, The Sweet, The Donnas, Iggy and the Stooges, Johnny Cash, The B-52's, The Violent Femmes, Kiss, The Queers, Walnut Street Gang, The Dead Milkmen, The Dead Kennedys, The Toy Dolls, Tennessee Ernie Ford, and of course The Wu-Tang Clan


"I'm Not Sorry" - 2008 - MonoAmericano Records

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Set List

Sets range in length anywhere from short, opening blitzkriegs (20-30min), to full-on, barn burning rock shows (45-60min), depending on the needs of the bands and venues. Mostly originals with a few covers thrown in ranging from obscure to universal.