The Dirty Culprits

The Dirty Culprits


The highest achievement for our band is to get the crowd to "move" and then to "move" the crowd. We compose based upon this principle, always exploring subtleties to the groove and the feelings aroused there in the music.


The Dirty Culprits began back in the fall of 2004 with a phone call to bassist Birch Pereira. A Seattle soul club, "The Scarlet Tree" was looking for a weekly Funk act, so Birch assembled four of his favorite gigging musicians together to start a band that could play the classics (like tunes by Sly Stone
and the Meters) but also explore original musical concepts. Landing the weekly gig, The Dirty Culprits built up a rapport and musical sensitivity to each other, though the gig was cut short by the Scarlet Tree's untimely demise. Picking up and moving on, The Dirty Culprits took their sound, repertoire, and fans and hit the road, playing throughout seattle and the northwest.


As a new band, The Dirty Culprits are working on their first album but have put out a sharp five song demo. The Dirty Culprits released one of the demo's tracks "Farmer John" on the popular indie site and received numerous awards and enthusiastic reviews.

Set List

We mix our sets up with original tunes and then familiar, but not cliche covers. Some of our tunes have set lengths for solos and run about four to five minutes. Others have extended forms, allowing us to improvize and get into some nasty stuff, these songs will often run from six to eight minutes. For covers, we play tunes like "Everything is Everything" from Donny Hathaway, "If you want me to stay" by Sly Stone, "Just Kissed My Baby" by The Meters and "Aht Mi Head" by Shuggie Otis.