The Dirty Disco

The Dirty Disco


Mental live show, great electro pop songs. Signed after one show. Album due for release sometime in 2009 via Waterfall records (Ida Maria), single out middle of year, lots of gigs/festivals, check it out! Catchy hooks, rocky live show, unforgettable experience, unmissable!


When asked to describe the pulsating electro theatrics of The Dirty Disco, webzine had this advice: “Imagine… A heavy metal record written by Britney Spears”. And they weren’t far from the mark. What they neglected to mention was this Britney Spears would also have to have a penchant for bad acid, more than a passing interest in the happenings of back-street Soho and a unique way of fusing gyrating electronica with infectious pop hooks.

Signed after only one gig, The Dirty Disco’s theatrical and more-than-slightly subversive live shows have earned them a die-hard following in what seems like the blink of a mascara smeared eye; testament to their ability to write the kind of songs that suck the listener in after a single play, only to linger with more seditious intent than a truck-stop lollygag with a fistful of methamphetamine.

With their self-produced debut single “RetroseXXXual / Dirty Disco” available now on Worst Case Scenario Records – accompanied by a suitably degenerate promo clip – and an extensive set of live dates lined-up throughout the summer, it seems inevitable that The Dirty Disco will be carving a trail of smeared Day-Glo makeup straight to the unsuspecting subconscious of the nation.The question is, are you ready for The Dirty Disco?


Dirty Disco/RetroseXXXual (Double A-Side) on Worst Case Scenario Records.

Both have had play on Juice FM Brighton
RetroseXXXual has been played on BBC Introducing
Upcoming interview with Huw Stephens on Radio 1?!

Set List

Typcial set is between 25 and 35 minutes

From Space
Dirty Disco

We have 30 songs so our sets change a lot, we also have 2 covers we sometimes play, white rabbit by Jefferson Airplane and Guilt by Marianne Faithful. Both are ghreat songs and we have done them justice so check them out!