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"Cosmic Construction : CSP, The Dirty Drop, Jimkata, Digital Frontier"

This past week, The Disco Biscuits played a five night run at New York City's Nokia Theater in Time Square to ring in the New Year. December 29th fell in the middle of the festivities and as the Biscuits took that night off to recharge their batteries -- their fans did no such thing. With four powerful young bands on the bill, Mr Bugsley Presents put on a sold out show at Sullivan Hall. The line up which was billed under "Cosmic Construction" went as follows: Cliffsidepush, The Dirty Drop, Jimkata and Digital Frontier.

New York’s own CSP kicked things off the with powerful electronic jams that got everyone moving right off the bat with influences drenched in funk, blues, jazz, and rock. Jon Gonzalez (guitar) shredded through phrasings while Jordan Marion (bass) laid a thick groove-laden thump.

The Dirty Drop followed with their brand of space-funk, which incorporates a sexy groove with a soulful voice. Balloons fell from the ceiling as Vince Vintriglia (guitar) tore up his solo during their opening number, "99th Birthday." The now full room continued to move in sync. With Dan Frieber (bass) holding down the low end, Ryan Quick (drums) led the young band through some tight jams, as the evening was shaped up to be one hell of a dance party.

Jimkata took the stage next, as the dose of rock, funk and electronica continued. The Jimkata boys jazzed the room in a manner of two-step decadence. Their rhythm section, made up of Dave Rossi (bass) and Packy Lunn (drums) gelled in connective telepathy that sent the audience a blaze!

Digital Frontier headlined the evening with a set filled with effects. Jesse Stocker (flute & keys) led the ensemble through fresh material as the faithful soaked even deeper into the dance party trance. The set was highlighted by a surprise guest appearance as Jon Joffe, of the Philadelphia based Codename, who showed up to lend guitar improvisations in the form of an extended jam.

DJ Fuzzy Duck spun between sets, which provided a continual supply of music. The Bugsley Presents bookings stand has an eclectic bill that delivers a musical fix for every music seeking junky. Considering the chemistry of the evening, a Cosmic Construction 2 should not be far behind.
- The Waster


LIVE @ THE SAINT - January 22, 2009

1. Hard>Squirrels
2. Puddlejumper
3. Maine Theme
4. Involuntary Catalyst
5. Stacks>Hard Reprise

LIVE @ THE BRASS LANTERN - October 25, 2008

1. Puddlejumper
2. Maine Theme
3. Squirrels
4. Blue & Green
5. Stacks>Night Sounds
6. Gorilla

LIVE @ THE BITTER END - September 5, 2008

1. Gutterball
2. Squirrels
3. 99th Birthday
4. Blue & Green
5. Maine Theme
6. Gorilla

LIVE @ THE STONE CHURCH - April 29, 2008

1. Hard>Night Sounds
2. 99th Birthday
3. Squirrels
4. The Game
5. Stacks>Hard Reprise

LIVE @ THE BITTER END - April 19, 2008

1. Hard
2. Blue & Green
3. Squirrels
4. Stacks>The Game
5. Night Sounds

DEMO – released April 6, 2007

1. Night Sounds
2. Hard
3. Stacks
4. Squirrels



"The Dirty Drop was born in a dark, damp New Brunswick basement in November 2006. Overcoming setbacks and working fervently to produce better and better music, the Drop has progressed exponentially over their short career. Masters of melding liquid grooves and classic rock sensibilities with evil, fist-pumping improvisations, each member of this melodic rock band brings something uniquely extraordinary to the table. Influenced by a wide range of musical genres from jam-trance (The Disco Biscuits) to aggressive funk (RHCP), from classic rock (Led Zeppelin) to bewildering improvisation (Phish), The Dirty Drop captures fans using a copious spectrum of styles and sounds as bait. And the band's live show is certainly one to behold as well, as it serves as the honeymoon for the marriage between the terribly funky refrains and groovy experimental jams of this five-piece tour de force."