the Dirty Eighties

the Dirty Eighties


We write originals that sound like a lovechild of the Clash, Strokes, Who, and the Killers.


The Dirty Eighties formed in the Fall of 2006 and have maintained a steady work ethic of writing and performing, pursuing their overall goal of a career in the rock music industry. The band is an experiment in merging personalities and influences that produces an original sound in an era when so many bands are just copycats and trend jumpers. Lyrically, the Dirty Eighties cover themes from self- awareness and paranoia to criminal lifestyles and the celebration of young adulthood. With the future locked in their cross hairs, the Dirty Eighties are well on their way to glory.

Set List

-Texas Vampire
-Priviledge Club
-Reversal of Fortune
-Gambling Problem
-Here is the Dawn
-Either Way I Win
-We Can Do This
-Jaguar In A Pool
-No Reflection