The Dirty Girl Social Club

The Dirty Girl Social Club


The music has been described as White Stripes meets Blondie or Joan Jett meets Queens of the Stone Age. Great to listen to but even better to watch! Fronted by three lovely ladies (two of which are identical twins) this band will knock you on your ass and have you running back for more.


What do CSI, the House of Deville: Home of Mistresses Ruby and Jada, and The Dirty Girl Social Club all have in common? They all came to be in Las Vegas, know how to get an audience excited, and love to brandish a pair of handcuffs. Sexy coincidences aside, Calgary's favorite girl-fueled band is crashing onto the scene with a vengeance. The Dirty Girl Social Club sounds like a mish-mash of pop, punk and rock. With hooks, melodies, rhythm, and raw talent to tie it together – it’s all there. This band is the full package with ferocious energy and envied stage presence this band rocks the house like nothing else!

Welcome to The Dirty Girl Social Club...


EP- Nowhere Near Enough (available for digital download only)
LP- If These Hand Cuffs Could Talk )available on ITunes

Set List

Our sets are anywhere from 40-80 minutes long and include mostly originals with some reworked covers thrown in. The set is about 80% up tempo and dancable.