The Dirty Hands Band

The Dirty Hands Band


It's been coined midwestern rock by fans. Lyrics based in life experience and the working man's reality, dueling guitar riffs and thunderous bass and drums. If you have been looking for a fresh new act with that vintage sound, you’ve found them.


The Dirty Hands Band is a group that combines the vintage roots sounds of an America long past in its eclectic sound (rock, folk, bluegrass, country) with a modern 21st century slant. They write songs about the human condition, themes that are universal to us all. In 2004 Justin Redford (Bass) and Christopher Corkery (Guitars) joined with Ken Richardson to jam on a project that was intitally called 'electric bluegrass'. Spurred on by the sounds of Sam Bush, Del McCoury, and other high lonesome pickers from the modern and traditional bluegrass scenes, as well as the four-on-the floor stomp/thwomp of 70s Waylon and Willie. The group started doing shows as a three piece with mainly honky tonk material to begin with. Eventually the 'jammier' side of the group (Black Crowes, Phish,) and the pure American rock and roll roots that they all started with (Allman Brothers Band, Crazy Horse) made for some very varied sounds and songs in their ever-growing setlists. In 2006 the band added Chris's younger brother Jonathan Corkery on guitar to the mix, mainly playing electric slide guitar, completing and rounding out the sound that they have now with a Govt Mule/dirty blues influence. The DHB will cross genres and time periods of music with relative ease during their shows, with a nod to the past but an eye to the
future. The DHB's sound is never predictable, and no two shows are ever the same. Its good, honest, american music with a heartland/midwest slant that is entirely hearfelt and original.


2007-Outside the City Limits -
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Set List

Typical setlist: 30--35 songs. Two or three 90 min sets. We do covers, but mainly in our own style. Song choices includes rock and roll, folk, blues, bluegrass, 'honky tonk' country. Setlists vary from night to night and town to town, and the audience and venue.
Example setlist (Coconut Louies 11/25/2009)
Cold Weather and The Blues (original)
Candelight (original)
Whatever It Takes (original)
Dark Hollow (traditional, arranged by the Grateful Dead)
Angelene (original)
Rural Route (original)
Death Dont Have No Mercy (Rev. Gary Davis, Grateful Dead arrangement)
Vampire Blues (Neil Young)
Pill Poppin Mama (original)
Red House (Jimi Hendrix)
The Valley (original)
Thats What Love Will Make You Do (Little Milton)