The Dirty Hearts

The Dirty Hearts

 Austin, Texas, USA

We are The Dirty Hearts and we're banging out an eclectic sound of rock-n-roll combining punk rock attitude with pop aesthetics. We got together a couple of years ago in Austin, TX, and quickly started playing our asses off at every biker, gay, punk and cowboy hell hole in town.


The Dirty Hearts was formed in a Santa Fe, NM recording studio when Frankie met Calida during a session. Not long after, the couple packed their bags and set off on a journey leading them to a cramped and sweaty garage in Austin, Texas, where in the summer of 2005, the two began cranking out stripped down and honest rock & pop.

After successfully spreading the word with their first cow punk influenced EP, Five Canciones Five Pesos, the band dropped their eponymous debut full-length in 2006. The album was well received by college radio and the music press, with The Austin Chronicle selecting it as one of their favorites of the year.

Following that release, the band had a monumental 2007. The Dirty Hearts toured the Southwest and West Coast, performing a SXSW showcase and a number of live radio spots. The highlight was a hilarious spot on the And Dick “Shit Show” where The Dirty Hearts performed a song backed by James Brown’s widow, Tommie Rae.

The same year the band shot a video for their song, “New One,” and the song quickly became a favorite with many radio DJ’s. Notably, the song was played for 14 weeks on Andy Langer’s “Next Big Thing” radio show. The video’s satirical take on the Bush administration also garnered attention in the blogging community.

The band later hunkered down and recorded a new album, Pigs, released July 22, 2008. The creative nucleus remained while new talent was brought in on bass and drums. Still at the helm are Frankie Medina and Calida, with newbies Keith McManus and Terry Lord (Sincola) filling in the rhythm section.

Pigs features a more focused version of the band careening through hooks and digging deeper than before. “Record Store” kicks off the album in a full-on assault of what Medina says at its beginning initially reminiscent of a Bo Diddley jam.

The band takes a rest from the fast-paced rock with “Possession Blues,” revealing The Dirty Hearts can slow it on down and bear their dark and vulnerable side while maintaining their punk aesthetic. Not everything went according to plan during the creation of the track though. Things kept glitching out and odd noises filled the room while tracking, according to Medina. The candlelit room and a PJ Harvey soundtrack between tracking most likely was an influence.

The garage-ish rock of The Dirty Hearts carries over to the stage with non-stop high energy. Whether it’s a performance from The Dirty Hearts ending, or Pigs coming to its end, you’ll feel like you just need to smoke a damn cigarette until your next fix.


Record Store

Written By: Frankie Medina

Who's gonna buy that girl some cocaine. I'd rather drop a needle down on Smokey.

prechorus: It doesn't matter to me. No I don't give a damn. It doesn't matter to me cause

Chorus: Im at the record store

Who's gonna work that little job into the big grave. I'd rather romp with my girl all day long to Diddley.

prechorus: It doesn't matter to me. No I don't give a damn. It doesn't matter to me cause

Chorus: Im at the record store


EP 5 Canciones 5 Pesos 2005
LP The Dirty Hearts 2006
LP Pigs 2008