the dirty lowdown

the dirty lowdown

 Columbia, South Carolina, USA

Rock and roll! The Dirty Lowdown is not to be missed. Thoughtful lyrics, powerful vocals, Rockin guitar riffs,and a booming rhythm section characterize TDL.


The Dirty Lowdown started with Josh and Nick McGill jamming together while in high school at their childhood home. The two have played together for over 10 years now and thru many lineup changes have always been in the same bands. With the addition of John McGill and Justin Marshall, The Dirty Lowdown was formed and has been an outstanding marriage of musical styles. The bands influences range from Tom Petty to Led Zepplin, from Phish to Buddy Guy. The Dirty Lowdown is an extremely versatile rock and roll band.


5 Song Demo -"Rock n Roll songs"
-from the demo "How Far We've Been" and "New Orleans" recieve play on WUSC 90.5 in Columbia SC
Album -Dealin' Sin to be released early 2010

Set List

Our sets are usually about 2 and half to three and a half hours. This is of course without a break. We do originals as well as covers. Our sets consist of about one cover to every four originals when we play a long show. When the show is shorter the ammount of covers is decreased