The Dirty Lowdown
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The Dirty Lowdown

Columbia, South Carolina, United States | SELF

Columbia, South Carolina, United States | SELF
Band Rock Classic Rock


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"2011 Best Local Band (Reader's Poll)"

Best Local Band

The Dirty Lowdown
Runner-up: Obraskai

The Dirty Lowdown doesn’t use Autotune. The Dirty Lowdown doesn’t utilize tricky time changes or flashy fretwork. The Dirty Lowdown doesn’t employ drum machines, synthesizers or iPads. The Dirty Lowdown just plays music — solid, straightforward, bar-rocking music. Maybe Occam was right after all. - Free Times

"Future: YALLapalooza TDL interview"


CCP: Out of the bands involved in Future: YALL, you guys are the seasoned veterans when it comes to the Columbia music scene. How has your approach to writing and performing changed in those years?

TDL: To answer in a word, trust. We have all been playing together for a while now, and our relationships, both musical and personal, have grown stronger as a result. This gives our stage shows a huge boost of energy while allowing us a certain freedom that most musicians never get to experience. As for the writing- It is more collaborative than ever before. Our fearless leader and frontman, Josh McGill, is still the main sources of our tunes, but because of the respect we’ve built for each other musically, we have started collective brainstorming sessions when new songs are introduced. Also, with the bonds that have been established, bassist, Justin Marshall, is now comfortable enough to present some of his originals to the band, providing a third songwriter’s style and sound for The Dirty Lowdown.

CCP: In 2010, you released Dealin Sin and have since been involved in the festival circuit and featured on various radio broadcasts. When we can we expect a followup LP?

TDL: Dealin’ Sin was a giant step for TDL, as well as a great learning experience. We were able to see first hand the importance of using the studio almost as a sixth instrument. We used to be so ready to hold the final product in our hands that we would rush through the recording process. After the opportunities we were given as a result of patiently recording Dealin’ Sin, we have decided to pace ourselves on the sophomore release. We have recorded three new tracks at Strawberry Skys Studios, including “Nothing,” which is featured on the Future: YALL compilation. Currently we are in talks with a few companies with the hope of gaining some funding to complete the LP. Regardless of who foots the bill we hope to release the follow up album in the next 6-12 months.

CCP: How important is it to give fans of The Dirty Lowdown a memorable live show?

TDL: Let me answer that by asking you this: How important is bacon to a BLT? The live show is the foundation of The Dirty Lowdown. People go to a concert for an experience that allows them to escape their stresses for a while. It is the job of the band to provide that experience. TDL gets that, and we present the crowd (be it 200 or 10 fans) with a high energy, emotionally charged rock ‘n’ roll show every time we take the stage. When we are up there, we remember what all the practice, composing, and the marketing is for: the chance to do what we love with and for people that we love. It is that passion that turns an audience member into a fan. After all, who goes back to a deli for more lettuce and tomato on toast? We bring the bacon baby.

CCP: Can you tell us a little more about the Hidden Wounds charity you guys are involved with- and more specifically “TDL CARES?

TDL: TDL Cares is, as the band describes it, “the drummer’s baby.” It is a program we started to give what we can back to the community that allows us the chance to do what we love. TDL Cares selects a different charity/nonprofit every two months to support. During those months, the selected group receives a portion of TDL’s profits from merchandise sales as well as their earnings from a particular concert. Hidden Wounds has been chosen for the months of July and August. Hidden Wounds- Columbia is a nonprofit organization that provides comfort and normality to military personnel suffering from combat stress injuries such as PTSD and TBI. The counseling and long term support the group provides is currently not available through any government funded programs. The Dirty Lowdown’s earnings from the Future YALLapalooza show will benefit this cause.

CCP: Any advice to the Columbia music scene?

TDL: Well for starters, there are an awful lot of talented acts in Columbia right now. So I would advise the general public to go check this music out while they have the chance to see it here in our own backyard. To fellow musicians I say two things: It gets tough, and tiring and VERY expensive from time to time, but we all know its worth it once we hit that stage. So keep it up. Just remember the prophetic words of John Coltrane when he said to Miles Davis, “I think most animals would eat cereal provided the opportunity.” Remember that and it’ll all work out.




August 12 at Five Points Pub

(Formally known as The House)

The future is now, Columbia. Embrace it. The doors open at 8. - Columbia City Paper


Dealin' Sin (2010) -- 11 songs
Strawberry Sessions EP (2011) -- 3 songs



In an effort to separate themselves from the sounds of most modern popular rock bands, The Dirty Lowdown draw their inspiration from classic rock’s icon artists of the 60s and 70s. Because of their youth, this often comes as a surprise to a new listener, but the core of the group has been writing music, playing stages, and entertaining audiences in this fashion since their high school days, with the current lineup emerging out of friendships both old and new.

Since the release of their first full length album in March of 2010, the band has enjoyed considerably more opportunities to perform for larger crowds and gained more attention both in the press and in the Columbia music scene. On the heels of this local success, in May of 2011, The Dirty Lowdown officially launched "TDL Cares," a self-sponsored charitable program through which the band makes contributions to a half-dozen philanthropic organizations on a rotating basis. With this program, the band is proud and excited to be able to give back to the community while doing what they love – making and performing music. In addition, the band is currently at work on a follow up album.

TDL was named 2011's Best Local Band by the FREE TIMES' BEST OF COLUMBIA CAMPAIGN

The Dirty Lowdown pride themselves on their live shows. Whether you're a seasoned fan, or a new listener who just happened to stumble into a venue where they're playing, you won't be disappointed. Seeing The Dirty Lowdown live is an experience that all fans of rock 'n' roll can easily appreciate. Their shows combine passionate music, soulful lyrics, energy, fun and antics into a memorable night.

The Dirty Lowdown:
Josh McGill – Lead vocals, guitar
Jon Coxe – Lead guitar, vocals
Justin Marshall – Bass, vocals
Nicholas McGill – Drums, vocals
Brandon Roshto – Percussion

For more on the band, touring, music, photos, and their newest program, "TDL Cares," please visit: