The Dirty Lungs

The Dirty Lungs

 Birmingham, Alabama, USA

We play true rock music with many vintage and modern sounds. Guaranteed to engage the mind as well as the dancing shoe. Sounds like what would have happened if the 60's kept going.


We found a time machine and traveled back to the year 1965. There we saw The Kinks play a hell of a set at the Royal Albert; too bad when we met their drunk asses after the show, they told us to "Bugger off, you bloody wankers." We decided to avenge this wrong doing by traveling back to the future (or present as it may be) and starting our own band.


Sit Tight

Written By: Bryan Doyle

I've found where time stands
Inside white knuckled hands
Where you land
There he goes again

Fear as your mind spins
Black night, last glimpse
Going down
Make the devil wince


2005 - Dirty Power (unreleased)
2009 January 3 - Somebody Here's Going Crazy
2009 Q2 - The Robins EP
2009 Q4 - Quit Chirping At Us

Set List

A typical set from The Dirty Lungs consists of 8-10 original tunes, rocking for a duration of 45 minutes.