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"Type me a Dirty Novel"

. . . The Dirty Novels, established in Albuquerque in 2002, have bridged the gap between ‘70s-rock lovers and Y2K indie-rock enthusiasts. The band's self-titled, self-published, debut six-song EP is a testament to the power of modern garage rock when given a bit of studio tweaking. Hints of Lou Reed, the New York Dolls, the Rolling Stones – not studio Stones, the live stuff circa 1977 – but they sound fresh here. This is the Novels' first-ever Santa Fe performance, and the group is poised to make a great impression . . . - Pasatiempo - May 2005

"The Dirty Novels"

The Dirty Novels are just that, novel and dirty. Having come to the decision to turn their bare backs to the rock and roll of most of the Seventies, Eighties and Nineties, they have instead fashioned themselves into a musical machine capable of manufacturing an addictive blend ofass stomping phonic perfection that evokes The Rolling Stones via The New York Dolls. Somehow David Johansson's pillow book, of as yet unused lyrics and song titles, has been mystically transported into the warm, wet, waiting hands of the Novels. And what dirty little hands they are. They strip down and rock the fucking knickers off gutter sultry tunes like 'Stars Won't Shine For You' and 'Candy Can't Wait'. I await the next release from this band with much nail biting and lots of cold showers. A garage rock future classic, today.

- SAMPLE Pres: Dallas , Texas

"Snippets from Wig Wam Bam The Albuquerque zine of music and nepotism"

. . . The thing about dirty novels is that you usually wanna skip forward to "the good parts." In the case of the Dirty Novels debut, it's all good parts, no filler and with a prudent editor to boot. All that's missing is a sleazy picture on the cover. If I had to do an oral book report in front of the class, I'd say, "This is my fovorite book that I read all year. I would like to read it again. The end." . . . It would be too easy to lump the Novels into the Nuggets garage/mod thing. Although that's where this music begins, they have more taste, discretion and restraint that some neighborhood guys in 1966 piling up cheap amps next to dad's Impala playing Kingsmen covers . . . This style of music never sounded so new . . .

. . . The Dirty Novels sound as if they practice and re-work songs continually. Maybe its because they do. The Nursery space was tight and crowded as usual tonight but that didn't keep me from dancing. There's no way I can stand still for this kind of modified rocknroll-before-things-got-psychedelic band . . .

To the untrained eye, it would appear that the Novels are another in the recent spate of bands that even has such journalistic swill as Spin proclaiming the return of rockn'roll. Rubbish . . . I keep hearing it said that the Novels sound like the Rolling Stones. This is half-apt, and only good as far as Stones LPs before they played into Their Satanic Majesties hype. But lucky for us all, its more a Keith sound we're hearing from the Novels than Mick. Wherever you think it's coming from, the Dirty Novels have what can only be called a familiarly fresh sound of a band that wants you to dance and jump around Happily. . .

. . . (The Dirty Novels) of course were a perfect choice for backing a fashion show what with their precise sartorial tastes. Best of all, the models danced their finest for the Novels because the Novels are the most danceable band tonight or in town for that matter . . .

Captain America

- Wig Wam Bam

"Sonic Reducer"

On their new six-song, self-titled EP, the Dirty Novels offer straightforward garage pop that strikes an almost perfect balance of Stooges-esque trashiness and the sugar pop simplicty of the Archies, all bathed in a vat full of classic Stones and even a little Zombies. In that sense, you could call this Dirty Novels EP derivative, but the band have cultivated their own, unique swagger and delivery system (jangly AM guitars, sultry FM vocals and Romantics beats) that prevents them from sounding like every other third-wave garage band. These rock solid tracks kick ass!

Michael Henningsen - The Weekly Alibi

"N.M. tries to rock its own scene"

. . . Believe the hype. The same January weekend of the seminar, local band The Dirty Novels played a commanding set to a packed club. And they would have been an ideal support for The Shins, or any number of national acts.

Ricardo Baca - Denver Post

"The Dirty Novels"

Dirty rock-n-roll that dreams of girls and sex. -

"The Dirty Novels - Stealing Kisses"

If this CD came with a scratch-and-sniff sticker, it would smell like cheap red wine from a box and an expensive cigar from a gentlemen's club. In other words, it's solid indie rock with harsh and simple tendencies. Altogether, each individual member's style runs as smooth as a Singer Sewing Machine. Collectively, Stealing Kisses is like a quick trip in a rock-and-roll time machine. It encompasses a multitude of styles and points of reference in rock history. If you're a betting kind of person, it's safe to put your money on tracks such as, “Stars Won't Shine For You” and “Vicious You” - they will rock you properly.
(Shane Epting)
- Harder Beat - September 2006

"Stealing Kisses - The Dirty Novels"

New Mexico based band, The Dirty Novels are an indie rock fans dream and not in the overused sense in the word "indie." Back in the day there were bands like The Rolling Stones and MC5 and while they had their popularity it usually tended to get overshadowed by bands like the Beatles, well The Dirty Novels took notice of these bands and bring their influence to life on their new album "Stealing Kisses." The only way to describe this music is rowdy, rock music. This isn't your screaming emo or punk rock, this is just good old classic rock with a shot of energy that will leave you wanting more. The straight to the point vocals remind me a bit of Joe Strummer combined with Mick Jagger and that comparison right there ought to tell you that this is a wonderful album. Anytime you put out music that I can compare to the Rolling Stones and The Clash is the perfect record in my book and that's exactly what this is. A must have! (JK)
- All Age - August 2006

"CD reviews: The Dirty Novels; The Reformation"

By Paul Maldonado (Contact)
Friday, January 12, 2007

The Dirty Novels, "Pack Your Pistols" (Self-released, out Jan. 19)
This is the third release, second full-length, from this Albuquerque quartet. Since 2004, the Novels have refined (just a bit) their version of garage glam, with a touch of the exotic and erotic ("On Lover's Lane").

The jangly guitars harken back to '60s pop and there's a shambolic Rolling Stones' quality to the proceedings ("Stealing Kisses" where the protagonist is caught "stealing sugar kisses" a la Echo and the Bunnymen). "(When In Doubt) Turn It Out" also has a roiling Stonesy flow.

Lead singer Pablo Novelas sounds like a cross between Lou Reed (the garage pop of "His Perfect Love"), Iggy Pop ("Who Will Sing You Lullabies") and, yes, Mick Jagger ("Audience Reaction").

Other highlights include the disc opener "Libertines In My Scene," a perfect slice of fuzzy-guitar garage, and the title track with its pounding beat.

The Dirty Novels will be packing for the CD release party for "Pack Your Pistols" on Jan. 19 at the Launchpad, 618 Central S.W. The Gracchi, The Demons, The Ashes and Vertigo Venus get the party started. $5. Doors at 9 p.m. 21 and over only. 764-8887.
- Albuquerque Tribune

"The Dirty Novels - Pack Your Pistols"

My favorite band that you have probably never heard, The Dirty Novels, have returned for more with 10 new tracks and I couldn't be happier about this. "Pack Your Pistols" continues right where they left off. The rowdy, rock-n-roll that you have come to love from these guys is back and better than ever. The best way to really describe this album is like this; you know how there are bands trying to sound like they are from the 70's and failing miserably, well The Dirty Novels sound like a product from that era that was actually there alongside bands like the Clash, Buzzcocks, Dickies, etc… To put it in simple terms, these guys are actually good. Straight and to the point vocals, choppy guitars, and bass lines that 9 times out of 10 catch your attention and drag you right along with the song. This is a solid album and a must have for your collection. Punk rock with a dash of rock-n-roll influence is the way to my heart and the Dirty Novels have made there way to it. (JK) - All Ages Zine


Pack Your Pistols (LP) - 2007
Stealing Kisses (LP) - 2005
Self-Titled (EP) - 2004
Southpark Music Festival Compilation - 2006
Hyperactive Music Festival Compilation - 2006
Emergenza Festival North American Compilation - 2006
Socyermom Sampler (Compilation) - March 2006



Described as “Detroit garage rock with the urgency of mid-seventies New York punk and L.A. skinny tie power pop”, their sound and song-writing is crafted with plenty of hooks, high energy and shake appeal.

The Dirty Novels have been playing phenomenal rock and roll since 2002. With three albums and plenty of U.S. touring they have gained a reputation from NYC to LA for solid and rousing performances that will always get you fired up!

They have played with MC5/DKT, Kings of Leon,Rev. Horton Heat, The Von Bondies, HorrorPops, The Datsuns, Bad Wizard, Exene Cervenka & The Original Sinners, Willowz, The Heart Attacks,The Appleseed Cast, Demolition Doll Rods, 7 Shot Screamers, The Hard Lessons and The Ettes to name a few.