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The voice bursts through loud and clear. “I need a friend,” sings lead vocalist Rosie Parini to open the EP’s first track Know Your Mind. A few seconds later, her powerful, yet beauti-ful voice, is joined by the thunderous throb of a barrage of fuzzy guitars. Seconds later and the rhythm section of Tom Soteriou on bass and Michael Giuffreda on drums, kicks in and The Dirty Sweet are up and running. Know Your Mind would make the perfect single. Grungy, catchy and melodic, it sinks its hooks into you right from the very first note and keeps you entranced until its all to sudden ending after just two and a half minutes.
Track two Addiction does just what it says. It’s a little heavier in tone than the opener, yet the band still know how to balance their heavy rock sound with some delightful lighter touches. The song has echos of Wolfmother infused into its heart and is carried along by Frank Parini’s impeccable, driving guitar riff. With tracks like this, The Dirty Sweet could well follow the worldwide success of their antipodean brothers.
The more frenetic Reigns Truth has another superb guitar lick at its core and, as with the previous two tracks, has a wonderful live feel to it. As you hear Rosie’s wonderfully power-ful voice soar, you can almost see her and the band live on stage before you. The group then move effortlessly into the next song Without Myself. The verse is an intense, distant rant before the chorus of “How am I gonna live with myself” swoops in to step up the heart-felt emotion.
This five track CD ends in glorious style with another potential hit single in the making. The self titled Dirty Sweet. Reminiscent of Garbage at their peak, it’s yet another wonderful slice of hook-filled rock. By the end, this EP leaves you with a strong feeling that The Dirty Sweet are a band that really MUST be seen live.
- Jeff Collins

"I like this (song review for The Dirty Sweet)"

This track is immediately in your face with its attitude and punch... Just what up-tempo rock music should be.
The snappy lyrics are delivered with clarity and venom to a melody that gets into the grey-matter and stays long after the song has ended.
By far the best track I have reviewed this year... A pleasure to listen to. Full marks to production also.
- Gazz,United Kingdom (for

" awards"

#24 Best Melody in Rock, all-time
#4 Rocking Track in Rock, all-time
Best Female Vocals in Rock, week of 5Jun2006
Best Female Vocals in Rock, week of 19Jun2006
Best Female Vocals in Rock, week of 17Jul2006
Best Female Vocals in Rock, week of 4Sep2006
Best Female Vocals in Rock, week of 2Oct2006
Best Female Vocals in Rock, week of 9Oct2006
Best Production in Rock, week of 10Jul2006
Best Melody in Rock, week of 19Jun2006
Best Melody in Rock, week of 10Jul2006
Best Beat in Rock, week of 10Jul2006
Most Original in Rock, week of 4Sep2006
Rocking Track in Rock, week of 10Jul2006
Rocking Track in Rock, week of 9Oct2006
Potential Soundtrack in Rock, week of 19Jun2006


The Dirty Sweet (Debut EP)



Our story is nothing out of the ordinary but it does show that timing is everything. Rosie and Frank met through their parents....they're brother and sister. Rosie spotted Tom playing in a band and really liked his playing. But she didn't speak to him that night. They met five years later through a mutual friend and began writing together. As every band does, they had their trouble. Members came and went but the three remained strong. But there was something missing.......A drummer!!!! Now this friend that Tom and Rosie met through introduced Michael to Rosie, Tom and Frank. What a great friend!! The band was complete. Although the band presents itself with a fresh modern sound, their influence and musical loves date back to a time when the most popular music was the best music. How did the band get it's name? It's all about timing..........