The Disconnect

The Disconnect

 San Francisco, California, USA

We're smashing pumpkins into Pink Floyd's face.




Written By: J. Touye

Let me sleep so I can dream of you,
I don't want to be awake.
Anxiety, stress, and loneliness,
are not burdens you should bear.

You always seem to find emptiness,
inside of every glass,
oddly enough, we sell dreams,
and we'd like to fill your cup for you.

Serotonin, serotonin,
has got me you inhibit...or just strangulate?

All The Things I'm Not

Written By: J. Touye

I am the straw that broke the camel's back
I am the bullet you caught in your teeth
I am a bomb on Rodeo Drive
I am the condition in which the virus thrives

Sometimes you seem to want
all the things I'm not

I am a love that's not returned
I am the bridge that you just burned
I am the pride that you won't swallow
I am the lesson you never seem to learn

Sometimes you seem to want
all the things I'm not

Mary's Mirror

Written By: M. Perricone, J. Touye

Today I came home, I'd been away
and I'm gliding lightly on, not here to stay
and the smell in the aor an the faces around me,
i don't feel much at all
every song i sing today is a sad song x2

find a river green in a lucid dream,
eyes open wide awake, open eyes see everything
tired and teary eyed, mary hides a myriad of broken things
that mirror you hid whose image shows those splendid times (sparkling eyes)

hanging the balance from a satin noose,
turpentine runs down her cheeks in shades of blue,
her beds the scene of an obscene dream i've had for years
but i know the queen of hearts is the reason theres a suicide king x2


Serotonin EP

Set List

All originals...

All The Things I'm Not
Mary's Mirror
Empty Space
Flawed By Design
The Castle
Keep It In Your Head
Pinholes in the Sky
Mission Dolores

We can play a set up to 1.5 hrs but usually play about 45 mins.