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"The Discordian Society"

Take a little Primus bass, add some Mr. Bungle-flavored lyrics, stir in a dose of mysterious southern-derived musical tendencies and you will have the components for a tasty Discordian Society snack. This Virginia-based band plays music that appears to teeter along the line between metal and hard rock while still managing to remind me of the Grateful Dead. For some reason, I come across a lot of bands from the south that are like this. Why? Maybe the musicians' need to retaliate against the oftentimes stifling southern society attracts them to the musical style of Ween and the like, but with pot so easy to grow in the warm climate, they learn the value of a long, slowly evolving song. The band could almost be the darker (yet more humorous) brother of Kentucky jam band (now defunct), Catawampus. I envision lots of fire at their concerts - both at the end of a torch (or flame thrower) and tattooed on the bodies of their fans. Whatever the secret is, Discordian Society fits its chosen genre well. While this isn't my preferred style of music, the trio is accomplished at what they do. The lyrics are a little quiet, but it appears the guitars are the main attraction, anyway.

[Vanessa Moore: Demorama] - Vanessa Moore: Demorama

"Advertisement / Review"

Monday, June 20, 2005

Discordian Society @ The Pour House

A toasted biscuit always goes down easier with jam. Not sure of the berry crop in Roanoke, Va., but Discordian Society is a specialty blend of darkstar cherry, galactic honey and fleeting red hot chili pepper bits. Must've been stored in a tin, since a metallic crunch still lingers. But when it's free, how can you not? 10 p.m. --EW

Independent Weekly, Raleigh, N.C. - Independent Weekly

"Phantom Critic"

Wendsday, Feb. 15th, 2006

The Phantom Critic

Keep you warm in your Kingdoms .....

..... But as I listened, it started to click. Things weren't nearly as accidental as they first appeared. Instead, I began to find a method in the madness and as soon as it dawned on me that all this chaos was totally intentional, I realized the scope of the band's musical prowess. What seemed like an acid-tripped mix of funk, ska, rock, and punk, was punctuated by the smooth rhythm changes, precise starts and stops, and tight harmonies that some bands couldn't do with all the practice in the world.

Led by a bass-playing cross between Les Claypool and Frank Zappa, the sound was groove-heavy and remained danceable even as the guitarist and pianist strung together a woodshed's worth of crazy licks and seemingly unrelated note patterns. They seemed aware of the fact that their vocal work was fairly forgettable, at one point observing that "if this song had words, they'd go right here". Indeed, words seemed fairly pointless to the overall thing, but were there anyway in an occasion or two where the band channeled a barbershop quartet, just to prove that they could. - Roanoke Times, Blogspot


The Demo
Rise of the Molecule

96.3 fm WROV Roanoke, Va
91.3 fm WNRN Charlottesville, Va
90.7 fm WUVT Blacksburg, Va.
100.3 fm WRKE-LP Roanoke College



The Discordian Society, formed in Oct 2001 by bassist/ frontman Davz "Not Here" Annarelli, is an eclectic combination of funk, jazz and rock. With influences that range from Frank Zappa to John Zorn, Jaco Pastorius to Primus, The Discordian Society has awed crowds across the country.

The Discordian Society's ability to take crowds on a musical roller coaster has started to become talked about among followers of all genres. Taking the elements of their influences to the extreme, The Discordian Society will play a hardcore intro, and with a stop, fall into the smoothest of jazz runs, easily teasing into a hard driven funk rhythm, the song progresses until everybody is on their feet and the groove has been established. The Discordian Society will trade licks with each other, and then, in the blink of an eye, they fall into a waltz, which soon gives way to the strangest rock opera you have ever heard. Before you know it 10 minutes have passed and you have heard 7 different styles of music played in only 1 or 2 songs. Beyond The Discordian Society's ability to play with mind-blowing tightness. The bands ability to jam is also well known. When not riding scale runs that thrill and inspire, The Discordian Society likes to fall into a pounding thump of a groove, giving their fans ample time to shake it out and get down before the next wave of rhythmically ridiculous changes that will take the song back to it's front end.