The Discordian Society is an eclectic combination of music, with a very broad range of influences. Compared to Frank Zappa, The Talking Heads and King Crimson. The Discordian Society is consistantly one of the tightest bands around.


The Discordian Society, formed in Oct 2001 by bassist/ frontman Davz "Not Here" Annarelli, is an eclectic combination of funk, jazz and rock. With influences that range from Frank Zappa to John Zorn, Jaco Pastorius to Primus, The Discordian Society has awed crowds across the country.

The Discordian Society's ability to take crowds on a musical roller coaster has started to become talked about among followers of all genres. Taking the elements of their influences to the extreme, The Discordian Society will play a hardcore intro, and with a stop, fall into the smoothest of jazz runs, easily teasing into a hard driven funk rhythm, the song progresses until everybody is on their feet and the groove has been established. The Discordian Society will trade licks with each other, and then, in the blink of an eye, they fall into a waltz, which soon gives way to the strangest rock opera you have ever heard. Before you know it 10 minutes have passed and you have heard 7 different styles of music played in only 1 or 2 songs. Beyond The Discordian Society's ability to play with mind-blowing tightness. The bands ability to jam is also well known. When not riding scale runs that thrill and inspire, The Discordian Society likes to fall into a pounding thump of a groove, giving their fans ample time to shake it out and get down before the next wave of rhythmically ridiculous changes that will take the song back to it's front end.


The Demo
Rise of the Molecule

96.3 fm WROV Roanoke, Va
91.3 fm WNRN Charlottesville, Va
90.7 fm WUVT Blacksburg, Va.
100.3 fm WRKE-LP Roanoke College

Set List

Manic Depression (Hendrix)
3rd Stone from the Sun (Hendrix)
Axis: Bold as Love (Hendrix)
Apostrophe (Zappa)
Muffin Man (Zappa)
Stepping Stone (G-Love & Special Sauce)
Astronomy Dominae (Pink Floyd)
Young Lust (Pink Floyd)
Have a Cigar (Pink Floyd)
Shine on you Crazy Diamond (Pink Floyd)
Echoes (Pink Floyd)
All Blues (Miles Davis)
Epic (Faith No More)
Sultans of Swing (Dire Straits)
Burning Down the House (Talking Heads)
Life During Wartime (Talking Heads)
No Quarter (Led Zepplin)

What do you think you are doing ?
Gimme Some Soap
Hair on the Dog
Alien March of Chaos
I don't know
The Duck
Gone Quite Mad
Ponderous Swell
Dun F!@ked Up
The Worship Song
Might as well use a wrench
Quality Control
What Dot
Mixed Heady Refuse
Thinking of You