The Disparrows

The Disparrows

 Los Angeles, California, USA

Listen. Love. Feel.

The Disparrows is a four piece All-American Rock 'N Roll Band with Blues influences based in Los Angeles, CA. Their defining sound is richly inspired by the vast musical spectrum.


The Disparrows were formed in late 2010 in Los Angeles, CA by a group of musicians looking to play American Rock and Blues with passion, feeling and heart. They allow their lives to affect their music and vice versa.

The band prides itself on playing as a tight cohesive unit, complimenting each other's personal styles and musical talents throughout songs and sets. Each new song is always a collaborative effort between the 4 members.

It's a band truly representative of Americana, the Lead Singer and Guitarist, Daniel Weber, is from Brooklyn NY; the Bass player, Stephen Tecci, is from Austin, TX; the Keyboard player, Grant Loosvelt, is from Detroit, MI; and the Drummer, Aaron J. Gutierrez is from Los Angeles, CA.

Listen. Love. Feel.


Sweet Surrender

Written By: Daniel Weber

Time comes and goes,
I've looked over my shoulder
My hands are worn down
My feet tired and swollen

Are you here for me
Are you here for me

I tried to help everybody
The hours moved so fast
I put the pieces back
The best I know the best I can

Are you here for me
Am I by myself

Ohhhhhhhhh Sweet Surrender
I'm coming home to you

I've seen the walls of Jerusalem
Heard the mighty sounds
Slept on Cobble Stone streets
Hoping you and I would meet

Are you here for me
Are you here for me

I paced up and down the halls
It's been many nights
I cried myself to sleep
Just to awake in your arms

Are you here for me
Am I by Myself

I'd walk those steel tracks for you, beg for it all to be taken back
Give up everything I should, I'd walk the fire if I could
Roam this earth from coast to coast, make sure you always came first
I'd break my heart into two, you know I would Die for you

Ohhhhhhh Sweet Surrender
I'm coming home to you


Self titled debut album December 2010.

1. Sweet Surrender
2. Street Fight
3. Tangled Up In Blue (Bob Dylan cover)
4. Stand Up Strong
5. Wasting Time
6. Another Day
7. Once Again
8. Tell Me It Hurts
9. Track 13
10. Cherokee Bill
11. Sweet Mississippi
12. Black Curtains

Production has begun on 2nd Album

Set List

Can do both full sound and acoustic