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The Disparrows

Los Angeles, California, United States | SELF

Los Angeles, California, United States | SELF
Band Rock Blues




"Three minutes with....The Disparrows"

Hailing from LA, but sounding like they could just as easily have Southern roots, all four members of rock band The Disparrows (Daniel “Dirrty” Weber- Guitar/Vox, Michael Brasic- Drums/ Vox, Stephen Tecci- Bass/ Vox, Grant “DR” Loosvelt – Piano / Vox) took on the Sack O’ Questions when they did a mini, three night tour of Las Vegas recently. Listen to one song they play, and you’ll quickly learn that this ain’t yo’ Daddy’s blues band! You’ve also probably never met a band that actually encourages fans to bootleg their shows! I kid you not, they actually don’t mind it. (They’d probably also dig it if you shared the footage with them. Just sayin’….)
Dirrty – if you could put together your dream project – band, tour, album, who would be involved?
Dirrty: Me… Elvis… Garcia… Melvin Steels…. Mike Brasic… and, maybe Evan (Seinfeld, of Biohazard and The Spyderz, Dirrty’s other band) No… not Evan. That’s probably it. We don’t need a drummer. We’d go out as an acoustic thing.
Mike: No, wait, you said my name.
Stephen: You mean, I’m not playing bass? I didn’t make the all-star band?! I quit!
Dirrty: Hold on! I need a bassist! Geddy Lee! And I think stylistically, I’d make it country-bluegrass, just to throw it off!
Mike- you’re up!
Mike: I’ll take Politics for $200.
You’ve got the newest question in there! What is the best rumor you’ve ever heard about yourself?
Mike: That I’m a good drummer! And…..
Dirrty: You don’t have to go on!
Mike: And, the rumor is not true! I don’t hate puppies! And I do know how to get blood out of a clown suit! Think about that one for a minute….
I’m not even sure how that one came about…. Moving right along! Stephen… What’s the best and/or worst thing about playing in Vegas?
Stephen: The best is usually when the dressing room refrigerator is unlocked and we get free beer. But the worst thing is when you walk into the dressing room and the refrigerator is locked, and you don’t get free beer! But, driving home on Sunday with a hangover is bad too. That’s probably the worst part about it. The best part about it is probably the good free vibe. But how we mitigate the problem is that we leave at midnight on Sunday! But when it’s a fun crowd, with people from all over, that negates the drive. When people leave Vegas, they go back home to all over the world, so you’re hopefully sending people back home remembering the band. Or, at least if they remember me, that’s all I care about!
Michael: We get treated better in Vegas than anywhere else! Like gold here. Everyone is great!
Grant, draw your question, but don’t peek!
Grant: The answer is… YES!
The question is…. What is your best hangover remedy?
Stephen: Wacking….
Michael: Oh, that’s weird!
I can’t even take credit for this question!
Grant: Best hangover remedy is just a good blow job.
Okay guys! Time to make your plugs!
Dirrty: There’s this really great lube… no noo, today I’m going to promote something different! Go to it. You can find all our social networks there, YouTube, and everything else you need to see about us. Probably more stuff about us than you ever want to see.
Grant: Flossing twice daily! - They Will Rock You Music Network


Self titled debut album December 2010.

1. Sweet Surrender
2. Street Fight
3. Tangled Up In Blue (Bob Dylan cover)
4. Stand Up Strong
5. Wasting Time
6. Another Day
7. Once Again
8. Tell Me It Hurts
9. Track 13
10. Cherokee Bill
11. Sweet Mississippi
12. Black Curtains

Production has begun on 2nd Album



The Disparrows were formed in late 2010 in Los Angeles, CA by a group of musicians looking to play American Rock and Blues with passion, feeling and heart. They allow their lives to affect their music and vice versa.

The band prides itself on playing as a tight cohesive unit, complimenting each other's personal styles and musical talents throughout songs and sets. Each new song is always a collaborative effort between the 4 members.

It's a band truly representative of Americana, the Lead Singer and Guitarist, Daniel Weber, is from Brooklyn NY; the Bass player, Stephen Tecci, is from Austin, TX; the Keyboard player, Grant Loosvelt, is from Detroit, MI; and the Drummer, Aaron J. Gutierrez is from Los Angeles, CA.

Listen. Love. Feel.