The Displaced

The Displaced

 San Diego, California, USA

The Displaced unique sound come from the harmonies provided by the two front people in the band: Jen Jansen & Simon Mandel. Pixies, Breeders, Queens of the Stone Age, Nirvana have all been sighted as influences.


Here is a testimonial on The Displaced, written by Lindsey O'Conner.

The Displaced are one of those hip bands that have been hip all along - even when they were playing to sleepy dunks and billiard players in dive bars. The apex of the band?s sound is found in their many explosive moments that are well contained in 2-3 minute songs. You become dependent on The Displaced for more fixes until you find yourself fully immersed, addicted, and 'displaced' from bands with less talent. And perhaps that's what The Displaced does for people. The band gives you an alternative to horrible music. It seems that everyone eventually comes across this band, only to emerge with a greater sense of what is good rock and what isn't.

This is good rock. I found out for myself. Now find this out for yourself.


Nine Tracks

THe Displaced
Tango With the Man
THe Displaced Must Die
This Band is Breaking Up

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Set List

35-40 min