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"The Disregarded at the Crossroads music festival"

At first listen, it’s easy to see what makes The Disregarded stand out. Their music defies all genre definition as they combine a unique blend of rap, rock and country that appeals to a diverse audience, and altogether shreds any preconceived notions about what “good music” really is.

The Disregarded consists of four members: Chuckie, Aaron, Bill and DJ Chill Will. Although they represent a blending of genres and backgrounds, the members work together as a team and all of them are involved in the songwriting process.

Their songs – such as those featured in their 2008 record “Six Shots: The Pearl Sessions” – reflect the members’ varied musical influences. The result is in an extremely catchy, yet almost impossible to classify, sound.

Everything from Kid Rock to Bon Jovi similarities can be heard in the album’s first track, “Mama Told Me.” The song even nods to Johnny Cash, including lyrics from “Folsom Prison Blues.” Conversely, the songs “Gold Cadillacs” and “Hush” carry an Outkast-type beat, while “Hush” incorporates Gorillaz-like rap lyrics. Elements such as these are what make The Disregarded so appealing, yet so difficult to explain.

According to the back of the “Six Shots” case, The Disregarded is a “rural, electric band” and is “like a super-charged rum runner roaring down the back roads full of bootleg whiskey” with a sound that has been described as “Americana Hip-Hop with Gospel tinged choruses and Rock n’ Roll energy.”

The band’s influences range from the Beastie Boys to Outkast, and their sound has been compared to artists from Kid Rock and Uncle Kracker, to the Outkast and Black Eyed Peas.

In truth, The Disregarded’s music is almost impossible to classify -- thus the band adopted the term “dirt-hop” as the term best fit to describe their style. According to Aaron, their music is like “emailing your grandma’s cornbread to your cousin locked up in Lenawee County.”

Their song lyrics focus on self- described “good times,” and makes “having a good time” the intent of their live shows.
The Disregarded

“In our live performances, we have fun,” said Chuckie, after he took another sip of his beer on the patio at TC’s Speakeasy in downtown Ypsi. “We’re very energetic and aggressive. It’s all good-time feeling, ass shaking rock and roll. We don’t stand around. We put a lot into it.”

Good times for the members of The Disregarded include anything involving being with friends and family, going out, drinking and socializing …and also, Bill said jokingly, sleep. “We always say we never play a show without beer,” Chuckie added.

“Explosive.” That’s how TC’s employee Bruno described The Disregarded during their performance. It’s probably one of the best ways to describe the band’s energy as they rock out on any given night.

“We try to make music for other people to enjoy,” said Chuckie. “We aren’t making music for ourselves.”

The band advised others who would like to be involved in music to do the same.

“When you decide to take that plunge, put the pedal to the floor,” said Aaron. “If you want to do music, you better love it more than you love anything else. Music is greedy. You can never shut it off. It’s always going through your head. It’s a curse. Recording is almost therapy because it lets you get it all out of your head. If you really want to do music, it demands a lot.”

And they definitely put in their time. With exciting things on the horizon, including a possible publishing deal with a company in Nashville, the four amigos will focus more on the country side of their music if the deal goes down.

“We’re looking at becoming country-first, then urban, whereas before we’ve looked at ourselves as being urban-first, then country,” said Chuckie. “We’re willing to embrace one side of our musical personality it if can help us afford to keep doing this.”

They also said that it’s important for people to embrace up-and-coming bands, and that giving new music a try can lead to good things for others as it has for them.

“Just because you haven’t heard something, doesn’t mean it sucks. It’s music. It’s not rocket science,” Bill said about the public’s obsession with categorizing their sound.

Chuckie added: “We make good music. We try not to really label it. Just come out and have a good time.”

The Disregarded will be headlining Ypsilanti’s Crossroads Music Festival downtown on Friday, June 27. For more information, visit
- em You the magazine

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Hip Hop Artist:
The Disregarded (
- The Current


Don't take your guns to town- 2005
The Dirt-Hop- 2006
Till I'm in the Back- 2007
The Pearl Sessions- 2008



This rural electric band hails from forty miles outside of Detroit city. Like a super-charged rum runner roarin' down the backroads fulla bootleg whiskey, they're bringin' the party to your door. With a sound that has been described as Americana hip-Hop with gospel tinged choruses and Rock n' Roll energy. Combine that with a live show that'll kick your ass and The Disregarded are in a genre all their own.