The Disregarded

The Disregarded


Good music- Country soul with rock n' roll riffs and punchy up-tempo in your face vocals all over top of a back beat that'll make you wanna shake somethin'!!


This rural electric band hails from forty miles outside of Detroit city. Like a super-charged rum runner roarin' down the backroads fulla bootleg whiskey, they're bringin' the party to your door. With a sound that has been described as Americana hip-Hop with gospel tinged choruses and Rock n' Roll energy. Combine that with a live show that'll kick your ass and The Disregarded are in a genre all their own.


Don't take your guns to town- 2005
The Dirt-Hop- 2006
Till I'm in the Back- 2007
The Pearl Sessions- 2008

Set List

30 minutes to an hour long set of originals.