The Distorting Glass.

The Distorting Glass.

 London, England, GBR

The Distorting Glass is a heavy electronic rock band based in London.
Intricate, symbolic lyrics about madness and creativity play out through oblique melodies among towering guitars and billowy soundscapes.
Think Muse meets Nine Inch Nails' Trent Reznor reading William Blake in a dark alley.


In late 2011 Pablo Bellinghausen-Riess, a Mexican of German descent who grew up on a steady diet of seventies rock and "evil" classical music by the likes of Berg and Schoenberg, returned to the UK after 2 years of living in Paris to concretise his dark musical fantasies, which had been brewing for years inside his mind whilst studying Sound Engineering at the SAE London.

He then met Ryan White, a south Londoner who had come home after a long time in Liverpool to focus on his guitar chops, to complete recording on the first tracks. After a few changes in the rhythm section (mainly due to previous members' Australian visas expiring!), Daniel Martin, a Scottish drumming prodigy who won the Drumtech scholarship in 2009, and ex-Tacoma Narrows Bridge Disaster bassist Tom Granica completed the lineup.

After the online release of their first EP, The Germ, the band has set to playing the London circuit, with several future gigs confirmed in late 2012 at the Vibe Bar, the Water Rats, and the Facemelter at the Miller Pub, amongst others.


The Germ EP, 2012

Set List

The Germ.
The City That Always Sleeps.
The Sound of the Room.
Fear and Wonder.