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The Distribution

Chattanooga, Tennessee, United States | INDIE

Chattanooga, Tennessee, United States | INDIE
Band R&B Funk


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"The Distribution - Here I Am (Live Acapalla at MainX24)"

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"The Distribution - "More Than Enough" (Live @ DiscoTeca - Chattanooga, TN)"

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"Recommended for Consumption: The Distribution, Heypenny"

The EP is a convenient little tool. Usually a band will put one out when they can only come up with, like, four songs, or are poverty stricken and can't afford to release a full album. Other times, a band will release one in order to tease listeners with a brief glimpse of bigger things to come. The latter is definitely the case concerning new EPs from two sky's-the-limit acts, Heypenny and The Distribution.

Evoking thoughts of the battling coed vocals of Sly and the Family Stone, Stevie Wonder Innversions-era keyboard sounds, and a Stax-inflected rhythm section, The Distribution is THE local live band of the moment. While their simply and directly produced debut EP makes the listener imagine how killer the full-length album will eventually be, for now, the disc serves as an irresistible invitation to come party at one of their shows. This is funky, tight, upbeat party music performed by experts.
- Chattarati

"Channeling the Spirit of Sly"

In the summer of 1969, Sly and his Family Stone roused a torpid late-night audience at the Woodstock festival with a thunderous mix of gospel, soul and rock. “All we need is a drummer,” they sang, as the drummer pushed the band from one ecstatic climax to the next, the horns issued a clarion call, and Sly Stone, wailing like a reacher possessed, exhorted the sleepy faithful to rise up and join the party. Even after all these years, their performance is still an irresistible invitation to share in the ecstasy of the moment, to “Get on up and dance to the fonky music!”

This summer Carl Cadwell and his merry band of revelers in the newly formed Chattanooga-based band, The Distribution, are channeling that same spirit. Cadwell, the band’s keyboardist and arranger, grew up listening to Sly’s old studio recordings. He was “fascinated,” he says, by the way Sly arranged the songs. As he puts it, “All the parts interlocked; no part was the lead, the lead was bigger than all the parts.” It could easily have been cacophonous, but as we all know, it isn’t; it serves simply to lock everyone into an unstoppable momentum.

Cadwell and the three singers in The Distribution all grew up playing and singing in the church choir. Listening to Sly’s records, Cadwell heard the same techniques used by those soloists in the choir who “didn’t necessarily step out front. Often they stayed in the background, ad-libbing and adding textures.” To capture that raw energy, Sly made his records with all the singers and players gathered together in the studio, playing “live,” rather than each one recording his part separately, as it’s almost always done now with multitracking. The Distribution made their just-released EP the same way.

The core of the band, drummer Josh Green and keyboardist Cadwell, played together in a great band called Infradig for several years; now they’ve reached the point where they “read each other’s minds.” All they needed, as the song says, “was some bottom” to make everybody move their feet, and they found it in the bass playing of Travis Knight. Listen to “Something New,” the third track on the band’s four-song EP, and you’ll hear what I mean. It opens with Knight playing a thick, meaty line alone for a few seconds before Green slides in beside him, setting the pace with a slightly martial tattoo snaking around the bass, until Cadwell enters, stabbing the keys in a staccato pattern that serves to double the bass line.

By the time the singers join in, one after another, each singing over the end of the other, the free-form, gospel exuberance of those old Sly Stone performances is born again. Stevie Wonder’s rubbery keyboard bass lines from songs like “Superstition” are another touchstone, showing up in the latter half of this song and on one other. The Distribution is a very young band. They have only been playing together for a few months, and yet there is already a palpable buzz about them. Forty years on, everyone still cares about a band that can “make you want to move your feet.” And when The Distribution is on the stand, everyone is up and dancing to the music.

Dr. Richard Winham hosts and produces a daily music and interview program for 88.1 WUTC FM in Chattanooga weekdays from 2-4 p.m. - Natural Awakenings

"The Distribution: Soulcore Comes to Covenant"

Once a week this location is the creative space for gospel funk band The Distribution. Keyboardist Carl Cadwell ‘06 formed the initial group in March 2009 with vocalists David McReynolds, sisters Mary ‘03 and Michelle Higgins ‘03, drummer Josh Green ‘00, Caleb Long ‘08 on guitar, and bassist Travis Knight. Since then Nikki Ellis has taken Michelle Higgins’ spot and Jonathan Cate ‘10 has stepped in for Long.

The Distribution will be headlining Saturday in the Great Hall at 8 p.m. for the CAB event “Love Slam.” They draw from a diverse host of influences, from James Brown to LCD Soundsystem. We sat down with them to get a feel for Saturday’s show.
- The Bagpipe Online

"The Distribution Will Get You Moving"

CHATTANOOGA - Rick talks with the Distribution, a local soul and funk band who will wrap up Friday night at Riverbend on the Tenn. Lottery Stage. But watch out, their show could be dangerous and energetic. - MyFoxChattanooga

"The Distribution at Discoteca"

Tonight at Discoteca, local Chattanooga band, The Distribution, is going to bring its special flavor of soul to the Main Street bar, Discoteca. Opening up the night will be The Cooling System of Nashville. When asked to divulge a forecast for this evening's show, Distribution drummer Joshua Caleb Green shared a few words: "Tonight will be a Tantric-funk romp that will spawn an aggressive soul train of love."

The band recently finished recording a full-length album at As Elyzum studios with Stephen Nichols in St. Elmo.
- chattarati

"Next Big Nashville 2010 - Gems to Watch"

The Distribution - Chattanooga’s The Distribution bring a splash of funk and soul to the Thursday night lineup - think classic 70s soul-pop that pulls out all the stops. The band is an East Tennessee indie supergroup of sorts, featuring members of Infradig and NBN alumni Coral Castles. - NBN 2010


Upcoming - Debut LP in Sept 2010
Upcoming - Memetic Society Compilation - TENNESTHESIA



The Distribution is a blend of old school funk and ghetto soul-pop which results in Motown nostalgia with a shot of LCD. Their music arises from and is heavily influenced by old soul, but is much more vital and modern than any sort of nostalgia.

It is not hard to love soul music and it is that love that brought these 7 musicians together from such disparate backgrounds as indie-rock, old black gospel and electro-funk. Though drawing from such familiar touch tones as Stevie Wonder and James Brown, they embraced their various sensibilities and the music took on a life and form of its own. With the sole goal of making music that moves the body and heart at once, they became The Distribution.

NOMINATED for 6+ Chattanooga Times Free Press - FYI Awards in 2009.

Nominations included:
Best Female Vocalist
Best New Band
Best Live Band
Best Keyboardist
Best Local Recording.