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"Between a Rock and a Hartford"

Between a Rock and a Hartford
By: Jen Krzanik
Published 5/4/07

HARTFORD, CT -- My recent adventures networking with the area’s hottest rock bands led me straight into the heart of Connecticut. It was time to get out of the (413) and into the (860). Up or On The Rocks, was my first stop of this endeavor.

Being so far from my home turf was the least of my problems this particular Saturday night. It was not a case of homesickness; rather one of the direction illiterate. I’d swear that getting lost in a paper bag must be in my genetic makeup. The city had now faced me with a challenge. Fueled by my distaste for city life in general, I had managed to end up far from my planned destination. This took talent of another kind as my flawless directions lay across my lap.

The streets were filled with eager show-goers. Each and every off-duty meter was full. Vehicles were piled three deep on medians and shoulders everywhere. This was a wonderful sign that perhaps I had reversed my luck for the evening and found the correct place; however, the parking matter did pose another problem.

Up or On The Rocks was one of those venues where feedback from colleagues was plentiful. I never had the chance to explore this site within my own rites and was thrilled to be invited to this show. Slipping in, I froze mid-room as it reminded me of a ritzy hotel or piano lounge. Did I have the correct place? Of course I did. Somehow, this was not what I had expected. And although I would not consider the inner guts of the building to be a design masterpiece, it did cause me to pause.

The lighted bar was savvy and inviting to the eye. Smooth, eye-catching angles and an artsy layout of each and every glass drew my eye in to scan them. High school art class had nothing on this design structure; it was simply brilliant. Cushy designer booths sat hunched upon the walls of the band room, black and smooth. They instantly attracted many music-goers for the straight-up hip appeal. Many a photo were to be taken here over the course of the evening as people piled three deep on top of them. And the gold star of designer flair went to the thick dividing curtains between the established bar area and the band room. However simple this may seem to the average person, it created a warm and inviting environment which could be sectioned off at a whim in an almost theater-like garnish.

It was stylish. This was the kind of place the working-folk could come to and enjoy with a Friday paycheck in hand. This was ONLY the downstairs as I had yet to see the Top40 dance club upstairs. Amazing how versatile this venue truly was.

Although I had feared to be late because of the crowd gathering at the entrance, I was shocked to find it nearly an hour before the stage was to be occupied. Taking a seat close to the front of the stage I scanned the audience. So many new faces had gathered for these bands. It was incredible to know how much each one of them had grown in popularity over the last few months. Something not every band can credit themselves for.

Opening for the evening was the Distributors, a last minute addition upon request of the Swill Merchants. The band, native of Hartford, is comprised of “Rev.” Pete Kwiecinski (Bass), Jeff “9021” Olson (Lead Guitar), Tom “Danger” Fay (Drums), and Stephen “Skooter” Travers (Lead Vocals). Honored at the last minute personal invite, the Distributors worked hard to promote the show: work that had paid off, taking into account the amount of people present so early in the night.

The downtime was the perfect to harass the talent. In the midst of my insistent gazing about the room, Skooter skittered past. And again. And again. NOW I was curious—

“I truly get very impatient during the wait to play a show,” Travers later commented about his frantic pacing before the set. “Before a show I get very anxious. Not so much nervous as one would expect, but more of an excitement to get on stage and start playing.” His nervous enthusiasm was matched by both the 4th Dimension and the Swill Merchants who were chomping at the bit, waiting eagerly in the wings.

There were so many guests at the front of the stage that I ducked between elbows and swaying beers. The Distributors launched into their watertight original track, ‘Flirtatious,’ and the evening was off with a bang. The audience was theirs for the taking. The audience jammed, singing out loud with great fervor. This show was anything but meek.

“I was truly impressed by such a large turnout, and largely taken aback that so many people were singing along to our songs,” Travers commented. “Its something that touches you deep inside the very first moment it happens.”

Song after song, the crowd held fast where they were. The time flew by without notice. Mid-track banter kept the evening light and fun. The Distributors rocked the house with the power and emphasis of seasoned bands. The final chords of ‘17 Days’ dri - Valley Advocate -


EP - Intent to Sell

Radio Play - 17 Days


Feeling a bit camera shy


A four piece band born out of the ashes of former projects has spawned a New England rock explosion. The Distributors have descended upon the music scene like a lion pouncing onto unsuspecting prey.

Titling their music as “Medio-core” the New England area has been welcoming this new genre of greatness with open arms. Very quickly, songs came with ease, as if all of these hits were patiently waiting to be created with the fervor and dedication that only the four members could provide.

Stellar rock riffs and fun punk/pop-punk beats combined with the smooth delivery and scathing lyrics of Olson, creates a fun and energetic sound. The riffs are memorable, the hooks easily remembered and sang by those walking out of a successful show. “The only way to get people to come back and see you, is the desire to hang out with your friends and yell the lyrics along with the live band playing. That’s what we love to do, and we want people to want that with our music.”, Says Drummer Fay.

The fans are always the best judge of your success, and armed with the need to please, the Distributors do not disappoint. Last minute additions to shows have proved to be correct assumptions that these guys are for real. Gaining both; fan and music community respect in quick form and fashion, this quartet cannot be overlooked.