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The best kept secret in music


"Someone To Hate More Than Yourself CD Review"

Ken: Moncton vets finally release sophomore album. That’s how the headlines should read. Maybe this would work better: Moncton band release kick-ass sophomore album! The Ditchpigs have been a staple on the scene in Moncton for almost (if not more than) 10 years, and this album is not only sonically well-produced, but the songwriting is spectacular: Melodic tunes that rock in a very hard way. Album highlights? To be honest with you, the whole darn thing isn’t bad, but my favourites are Malcontent, Over ‘til It’s Over, and the album’s title track, Someone to Hate More Than Yourself. This is one of the year’s best releases, not only from the city, but from the whole damn region!
Ken’s Rating: ****

Steve: With this release, The Ditchpigs have proven that they are easily one of the best, if not the best, band right now in Moncton. This album is full of tight, catchy, franctic, heavy songs – all of them, well written and recorded. Highlights for me are Over ‘til It’s Over, When You Fall and the title track. Musically they remind me of a cross between Amen and Seaweed, if that’s possible. Either way, The Ditchpigs deserve to get some recognition with this professional release. Let’s hope they hit the road and get what they deserve.
Steve’s Rating: ****
- [HERE] Magazine

"Listen Up"

Moncton rockers The Ditchpigs are known for their energetic live shows, solid rock hooks and guitarist Don Levandier’s humorous feats of on-stage self deprecation. It was only natural though, for the band to call their new album Someone To Hate More Than Yourself after signing with Moncton-based indie label Gun To Head Coalition.
It’s been well documented that Levandier and GTH owner Jay Fellowes have clashed viciously on numerous occasions. So why would the band choose to work so closely with someone they can’t seem to get along with?
“He’s like Darth Vader – he’s extremely demanding, won’t take no for an answer, and if I’m not careful, I’ll turn into him,” says Levandier. “But he’s got his head screwed on straight and his gun pointed in the right direction. He’s an asshole, but he’s our asshole.”
Just how like the Machiavellian Randy Fitzsimmons crafted The Hives into your new favourite band, Fellowes has taken The Ditchpigs under his wing, hoping to do the same.
“He chose us because we just don’t know when to quit,” says Levandier. “He says we sound like geek rock on angry pills, which isn’t how I’d describe the band, but when you look like a young Eugune Levy, geek rock says it all.”
– Jon Bruhm
- CHART Magazine

"Forever Is A Long Time Song Review"

"Just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in..." I was done with punk. Really. It bored me, I thought there were no good bands left. Then this band comes along and shatters my little punk-free bubble. With this in mind, I start with the bad.

The guitars sound a bit too thin, while the bass sounds a bit too throbby, although neither are bad enough to matter. All instruments are played excellently.

The lyrics get some extra points for just the right combo of bile and fire and anger without becoming vitriolic, which is a common problem with punk lyrics. If I were at a show, I'd be jumping onstage to sing along with the chorus. They even include a "Whooooa" vocal line for people to whoa along with. To the casual listener, that might sound a bit silly, but if you've ever been to a Misfits or (especially) Seven Seconds show, you know just how fun that makes the music for the audience.

And speaking of the vocals: Friggin' STELLAR! The lead singer sings with real emotion and power - that alone will make this band go as far as a punk band can go nowadays. I could wax for hours on the cruciality of harmony in music, but really, the song speaks (or rather, sings) for itself. Go listen, then buy the CD. NOW. By the way, fellers, if you ever make it as far as Winnipeg on tour, drop me a line.”

"Japanese Noise Rock CD Review"

If the gods of indie, rock and punk engaged in a bizarre love triangle, their blessed children would be The Ditchpigs. Moncton's favorite sons hit your hears with a record that's a tasteful mix of upbeat for the downtrodden. At the same time, they're still fresh enough to love what they're doing, and it shows.

They like their riffs velcro-catchy, melodies sweet with a drop of sour and their rhythm pumping like a merry jackhammer. One gets the sense that these four boys were brought together by supernatural forces far beyond our ability to understand, for the sole purpose of making quality East Coast party rock. This record belongs in your car stereo, on the way to the beach or a night of painting the town rouge.

It's refreshing to hear a local band that doesn't stray too far into any of the trendy rock genres. If you've heard too many emo whiners, scream-core freak-outs and the rat-a-tat-tat of hardcore punk beyond exhaustion, then this record is for you. Their efforts haven't gone in vain either, being recently featured on Much Music's Going Coastal. The only downside to Japanese Noise Rock is that it checks in at just a little under 45 minutes. But help is on the way: keep an eye out for their new record Someone to Hate More than Yourself. You can see them live at two venues this Saturday; an all ages show at The Boys & Girls Club around 7:00 and adults only at Baba's at 10:00.

Verdict: A well balanced and strong debut.
- The Cadre


2002 - Japanese Noise Rock - Full Lenth
2004 - Someone To Hate More Than Yourself - Full Length
Appearances on over 20 Compliation CDs, video games and skateboard / motocross films


Feeling a bit camera shy


The Ditchpigs are a Rock & Roll kick in the teeth, who'll gear out riffs that wouldn't leave your head if you wanted them to.

Being a band born and raised in Moncton, New Brunswick, they were forced to learn from some of the best independent rock Canada has to offer. You can undeniably hear the tones of the Moncton sound between the hard hitting riffs and melodic choruses, but what you'll notice before anything else is that this band is carving out a sound like nothing you've heard, but something you'll definitely want to hear more of.

The songs are fast, aggressive and catchy as all hell, but you won't find any whining, complaining, or songs about girls here. Written by a generation of kids screwed up by office politics & 9-5 blue collar-dom, you'll find an honest, anger driven brand of songwriting that isn't sugar coated, but heavy on the teeth kicking.

So if you like your Rock loud, angry, fast, and loud, The Ditchpigs are the violent assault on Rock n' Roll you've been waiting for.