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Hailing from South Jersey, The Divid3 has a rock-oriented sound. Not unlike something you would hear on major radio. But, the thing i like about these guys is their positive outlook and the fact that they are underground, young and hungry.

And the sound is very professional. The sound has a Chevelle-esque sound. Maybe just a little heavier. They have heavier, rockin' moments, but also fuse melody into the mix. If modern rock with a little metal and grunge is what you crave, check these guys out.

According to the band, the song "Rise" which is found on was recorded in January and released in February. They won a position in the finals of the East Coast Indie Warped Tour Contest. They are working on six more songs to record and are hoping to have an EP out by the spring.

Current influences: Seether, and Slipknot. - Brutal Control Music Blog - Ryan Swope


Still Worth Saving!
Under Skin!
full cd to be released May 2011



November 2010, five South Jersey musicians set out on a journey to bring forth a new sound to rock! Powerful rifts and heavy beats combust around vocals that melt faces and cut to the heart! The DIVID3 takes everything you love about rock and makes you love it more!

Scott: "We’re heavy, but not to the point where you can’t understand what’s going on. We’re a twist of hard rock, with a bit of alternative styling. Our songs have “hook” that’s characteristic of a song that just makes you want to jump around your room and rock out

Jimmy: "I would say we are hard rock/metal. We all come from different music backgrounds, which makes our sound unique. We can be very heavy and still keep a melodic upbeat

Known for their energetic stage performance, they engage the audience with music that speaks to the struggle, a refusal to give up, and to cut your own path! Lyrics and music are wrapped in raw emotions that are authentic and relatable; creating a memorable and moving experience for fans

Dan: "We want your body to feel the music the way we do on stage, so you feel the same way we do, not just a hearing experience, but a full body experience. A lot of our songs deal with society verses self. RISE is about breaking away. And being unique, you know, God didn’t make us all the same way. We don’t want to sound the same as other bands or say the same thing as other bands."

Zeke: "We want our music to move you emotionally and move your body. It’s about breaking the cycle. I want to capture the feeling bands like Underoath have, redirecting feelings of anger or hate and making something positive out of it. You can’t tell people to do that, it has to be more of something that’s felt, not told."

Jimmy: "Our message is that Christian guys with good morals can still melt your face, even without the sex, drugs and other things associated with heavy rock."

Craig: "For me, the crowd response has to be the best thing about playing gigs. The feeling of accomplishment you get from a great crowd is really unlike anything else."

Scott: "I love sharing music with people and watching them jump around to something WE wrote. It’s a great feeling. It gets me, as a performer, even more pumped and wanting to play."

The DIVID3 hit the ground running, determined to take everything they had learned from their experiences in bands and forge forward. Releasing their single, RISE! in February, and not afraid to test the waters, the band won the first round of the East Coast Indie Stage Battle of the Bands for a Warped Tour spot in Camden. With finals in May and also battling it out online for the Ernie Ball Battle of the Bands for a spot on Warped Tour in Oceanport, NJ, they are confident one of the band's goals to play Warped Tour 2011, is within reach.

In just a few short months The DIVID3 is quickly coming to the attention of music industry leaders but they aren't waiting around to be discovered. They are partnering with the best venues and bands in a region, ready to take their music everywhere, like the showcase with Christian Rock Radio Station WXGN 90.5FM of Ocean City, NJ, at the Ichthus Festival in Kentucky in June.

Dan: "What does every band want? Every band wants to go on. I want music to be my career, to express myself to everyone and have the whole work sing with me, to rejoice in what is my joy."

Craig: "I can honestly say that I am amazed how far we've progressed in the short amount of time we’ve been a band. At this rate the possibilities are endless. All I know is that I'm going to continue to push myself in both my skill level and writing technique and I can't wait to see what the future has in store."

Jimmy: "For me it is all about the music, it always has been. Signing with a great, upstanding label is part of my dream of course. However, if our music could touch just a couple people and maybe make a difference today, than I feel like we have accomplished our goal!"

Zeke: "I want to tour, I want to tour so bad!"

Scott: "My biggest hope for our future as a group is to be able to deliver our message and share our music with anyone who wants to listen. I’m all about the music. Music has played such a big role in my life that the least I can do to return the favor is share it with other people, whether they are striving musicians themselves, or just someone looking for some good jams."

In the final stages of the writing process, The DIVID3 is fulfilling another band goal, to release their first cd in May. The DIVID3 believes they can make a positive impact on the industry and in the lives of their fans. To them, that's what it's all about.

The DIVID3's Team behind the scenes:

General Manager, Booking, Press Contact; Renee at Mark325;

Graphics/logo; Tom Shuff; Hawkeye GrafX;,

Photography and Videography; Kim and Bob Bersin; Monarch Studio;

Dan Axelson; Axelson Images; http://www.f