the DiViNE

the DiViNE


Now defunct, we were more punk rock than any industrial band had a right to be... more eyeliner, too.


The DiViNE was the loudest, rudest independent band to hit clubs in a long long time. Their unreleased material was a savvy homage to Ministry, Skinny Puppy & Nine Inch Nails, expanding on musical territory The DiViNE explored on 2003's Intervention, 2001's Sinthetic Inside & 1999's All Things God-Like.

Peppering their live show with selections from their now-irrelevant 4th album, The DiViNE enjoyed a busy 2004, enjoying showcases at Toronto's Canadian Music Week, Chicago's MECA Conference & an opening slot for Robin Black and the IRS.

Through extensive web promotion The DiViNE had sold CD's worldwide ranging from their own backyard to Denmark, England, Germany & throughout the United States.

Coreen Wolanski of Exclaim! Magazine said "The DiViNE...somehow manage to come up with a sound that is quite original...mixing hard-hitting guitar punches with electronic weirdness." & called Sinthetic Inside's 'Space City Sex Addict' "...a Ministry-meets-KMFDM work of dance-floor genius."

Wolanski eloquently described The DiViNE as "...just twisted enough to slap the face of industrial music and give it a kiss, all at the same time." was so impressed with their set at the New Scream show that The DiViNE was invited to include the previously unreleased song, Drama Queen, on the 2003 compilation live album, New Scream: Issue One.

In December of 2002, The DiViNE were approached by the S.L. Feldman and Associates entertainment Agency for the rights to use a part of the song Space City Sex Addict (from the album Sinthetic Inside), in the Showcase series Bliss. The episode is entitled “The Marvellon”.

The title track from 2001’s Sinthetic Inside was well received by fans everywhere. The result of this was it’s appearance in the 2001 Full Moon Productions film 'HorrorVision'.


CD Releases:
2005 - Re/Use Cycle (unreleased)
2003 - Intervention
2001 - Sinthetic Inside
1999 - All Things God-Like

Movies + Television:
2002 - TV Series: Bliss (episode 'The Marvellon') - Song: Space City Sex Addict
2001 - Film: Horrorvision - Song: Sinthetic Inside

2003 - New Scream: Issue One - Song: Drama Queen (live - previously unreleased)

Set List

The DiViNE played sets ranging from 30-90 minutes, depending on the show/timeslot

While The DiViNE was an all-original act, covers showed their twisted dark faces from time-to-time, usually as rock classics interpreted in DiViNE fashion.

In the final months of existence, The Divine bucked the trend of having mandatory fan favourites in their live set. No song was guaranteed.