The Divine Crime

The Divine Crime


Recently featured in July 2010 High Times Magazine UNSIGNED BAND OF THE MONTH, TDC represents true musicianship, serious female eye candy and demands attention - infusing reggae, rock, soul, dub and dancehall music into a seamless combination.


Featuring the former backing band of HR from Bad Brains and funked-out vocalist Amee Jana, The Divine Crime is an all-star crew with a high energy show, song-writing power, and a contagious vibe. Representing true musicianship and serious eye candy, this new group demands attention; infusing reggae, roots, dub, dancehall, soul and jam music into a seamless combination. Heavy & danceable grooves with layers of deep bass, synth textures, loud rippin' guitar and heart filled melodies & harmonies is what defines this group.

Currently featured in July 2010's issue of HIGH TIMES MAGAZINE as UNSIGNED BAND OF THE MONTH, The Divine Crime has already had the opportunity to perform and directly support reggae legends and all-stars such as Yellowman, Barrington Levy, Don Carlos, Pato Banton, Bushman, Rebelution and Tribal Seeds; just to name a few.

Their recently released debut album OBLIQUITY, featuring dub mixes by THE SCIENTIST (Nuttsactor 5 Reekordingz) is now available globally on the digital market and in select retail stores. They are currently touring up and down the West Coast in support of the album.

Their mission is to empower every kind of music lover, throw fears & complacency out the door, and rock it out no matter who's staring. Conscious and soulful, the band delivers an incredibly high-powered, raw energy performance, and invites you to share their vision.

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OBLIQUITY - Full length LP, February 2010 (Nuttsactor 5 Rekordingz)

Set List

Varies from 30 min - 3 hours