The Diviners

The Diviners


The Diviners are an indie rock/pop four-piece combo whose music explores a complex simplicity, bringing soaring melodies, edgy guitars, and groove oriented rhythms together in one memorable sonic experience.


The Diviners formed as a "back to basics" 4-piece indie rock/pop combo. Damon and David, played and toured in and around Los Angeles (and abroad) for a number of years in various other bands and projects. Berklee alum, Damon Stout met David Holcomb while filming the movie Bulldog and the two formed a unique musical connection soon after. Damon has received 2 local Emmy awards for film and music, as well as a successful stint as a jingle composer. David Holcomb's vast film and musical experiences lend to his distinctive guitar playing and musical styling. Rounding out the lineup is Brian Stout and Dave Drazga, both formerly of the Chicago based band Spongeworthy. Both Brian and Dave have been active in the Chicago music scene and have played/toured extensively throughout the Midwest region with a variety of different groups. The Diviners are currently rehearsing in preparation for their upcoming tour to showcase "The 13th Generation", set to kick off in '09.

A concept album in nature, "The 13th Generation" follows the rise and fall (and rise again) of us all. A spiritual and political examination of our collective consciousness and continued journey seeking truth, in whatever form it may take. Sonically, the album combines upbeat rock/pop and moody piano driven melodies, groove-centric bass and drums, with expressive but raucous guitar phrasings. "The 13th Generation" skillfully merges substance with style.


Sell Your Childhood

Written By: The Diviners

Hold down the fort again
Just one more time, I swear
This time will be the last
I swear it
Hang on to my hands
Tightly hang on
I swear I won’t let go
I won’t let go

Never mind
Never mind what you’ve been told
‘Cause this wont be the last time
To remember, that
You can’t hide another day
You don’t need to run away

Slow down and try again
Don’t be surprised, I know
It’s longer than you thought
I know it
Hang on to my hands
Tightly hang on
I swear I can’t let go
I can’t let go

How High Is Up

Written By: The Diviners

You’re guaranteed the lifestyle
And need to live it meanwhile
So saturate your senses
And don’t forget to pose for the lenses
Bad credit no credit, Se habla Espanol
Monster house, monster truck
You don’t need to give a fuck
Just gimme it now, just gimme it now
Just give it to me now

Prioritize your desperate eyes
Lukewarm lessons we idolize
How high is up

It’s a bankrupt wasteland
A dot com time killer
Don’t worry it’s okay
To learn and love the filler
Customize a special rant
And theorize the things you can’t
And nothing matters off the tube
You should’ve quit and left your cube
Time to hang your head in shame
‘Cause you are the one to blame
Hold the morals hold the relish
God forbid you all upset us.

Lovin' Gurl

Written By: The Diviners

She’s driving fast on the 405
And flying in on a summer’s breeze
Her hair is dancing she feels so alive
And making everyone so at ease
Shifting her gears along with her mind
The fanciful highway she’s weaving through
Leaving me now ever far behind
I’m standing still I don’t have a clue

I know that you really care for me
Won’t you be my lovin’ gurl?
Waiting for you can only mean
That you are my lovin’ gurl
Following far behind you’ll see
‘Cause you are my lovin’ gurl
Baby, I know you will finally be
My only lovin’ gurl

Her lipstick matches her cell phone and car
It’s funny I’ve never noticed before
She likes to meet them alone in a bar
She’s dressed to please and ready for more
Dropping in on a moments notice
The smoky darkness and cheers aloud
It took a moment for my eyes to focus
She’s dancing now for a major crowd

Fortune smiles I last remember
When you phoned I wasn’t alone
Okay maybe now you’ll remember
A little movie we made at home

I know that you really care for me
Won’t you be my lovin’ gurl?
Baby, I know you will finally be
My only lovin’ gurl

State Of Mind

Written By: The Diviners

It’s such an awkward moment
Of unconditional regret
Look to see who’s noticed
You’re alone, they condone
Is it daylight outside
It’s not a symptom of digress
You address, all the rest
But they’ve left you outside

So you’re floating away this time
You have yours and I have mine

It’s a strange situation for a
Simple kind of state of mind
No manipulation, can you
Tell me it’s a waste of time

You’re eternal feelings
Leave you cold inside
By yourself you feel like
You condone, your alone
Though it’s lovely outside
Not an obvious throughway
Or a typical numb
There’s no trace of fortune
So you sit, take a hit
It’s still raining outside

Don’t ever give up

Coming Home

Written By: The Diviners

You’re packing up my suitcase
and I’m leaving here today
And I feel like I left already
and things are not okay
The morning flight will take me
to where all the others have gone
So don’t wave to me,
don’t look for me
You know I could be wrong

I wonder, I wonder
Is what your silence says
So stay out, stay out
But it’s time for me to go

Green grass I’m coming home
I don’t know if I’ll see another day
Green grass I’m coming home
Feel my heart six thousand miles away

Another day changes
into the one I lived before
All the people that are dying here
are still attached to the war
Oceans of sand and wind
can’t sail me back to you
Where does it start
where does it end
Shouldn’t be a point of view

New Day

Written By: The Diviners

It's an apology of sorts
So I guess you know it's true
Please forgive my indecisions
I was only thinking of you

Now here's the part which I remember
To inform you of something new
Not enough days in our December
Make the change long overdue

It's a new day
For waking up to start again
It's a new day
I see something beautiful

Hold your head high above the water
Don't forget to lend a hand
Faith in fear can always happen
Time to wear your black armband

Do you decide to turn a deaf ear
Or to look with a blinded eye
Thank god it will all disappear
Here's your consolation prize

Never again to trust The Faith
Wanting control for the way
Truth revealed such a simple state
A brand new day now we're wide awake
We won't fall we won't break
Wake up to the brand new day


"The 13th Generation" (LP) 2008

1. Coming Home
2. Heads & Tails
3. Lovin' Gurl
4. How High Is Up
5. Sell Your Childhood
6. State Of Mind
7. I Feel Great
8. Mechanical
9. Just Us (Justice)
10. Lullaby
11. Soft
12. New Day
13. Epilogue

Set List

45min. set list:
1. How High Is Up
2. Coming Home
3. Lovin' Gurl
4. State Of Mind
5. Sell Your Childhood
6. Mechanical
7. Just Us (Justice)
8. Heads & Tails
9. New Day

Cover: Advertising On Police Cars