The Divorce Papers

The Divorce Papers

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From the gutters of Miami come The Divorce Papers, South Florida's newest rock sensation spitting acid with thier unique combo of punk and hiphop. Cutting guitars ripping through your ear drums, soulful vocals to tantalize the mind, blasting drum beats that knock you the fuck down with a bumpin bass


The story begins in fall 2006 when Daze (vocals/guitar) meets Franchise (guitar/vocals) in math class, and a common love for punk rock leads the two to start their very own band. The enlistment of drummer Johnny Rocket and a revolving door of bassists lands the band a couple shows around the Miami area. After playing for a few months the band lands current bassist Patty and begins to evolve musically, recording a 4 song EP with Lon of Bazooka records and Tom of Iron Lion studios in Miami.

After a name change to the current 'Divorce Papers' the band is as energized as ever, continuing to progress as musicians and stretch the limits of the known conventions of music. Combining their roots and finesse for punk rock with the love for hip-hop and smartass swag, the band synthesizes an undeniably gripping sound, as seen on thier latest recording, "The Last Song". Recorded with Iron Lion, the song gives listeners a taste of the madness to ensue 2009.

Their follow up EP to the new single is expected to be released in Summer of 2009 with a slew of shows in the Florida to follow shortly with its release. In the process of writing the band continues to synthesize a classic punk rock sound with blazing guitar solos and thier secret weapon, their knowledge and hold on hip-hop. Such a unique combination has the band headed for only on path - the top of the world, and its only getting closer.

In association with Poorboys Productions Miami, and Daze, Incorporated; we proudly present to you the beginning of something terrible, The Divorce Papers.


The Beginning of Something Terrible - 2008
1. Daze
2. Leslie Ann
3. Chuck It
4. Hourglass

The Last Fucking Song You Will Ever Sing - Single, 2009
1. The Last Song

Summer 2009 EP - Coming Soon

Set List

Typical Setlist:
1. Intro
2. Daze
3. Last Song
4. Ghosts
5. Leslie Ann
6. Chuck It
7. Aint No Sunshine/Can't Be Without You Medley
8. Ride Wit Me
9. Outro

Covers include:
Aint No Sunshine (Withers)
Ride Wit Me (Nelly)
Sublime (Multiple)
Dig Up Her Bones (Misfits)