The DJ Bootsie Quartet

The DJ Bootsie Quartet

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DJ Bootsie started as a hiphop DJ, local DMC champ. His debut (The Silent Partner) melted east coast hiphop with ethnic sounds of his native Hungary. Syncs by primetime series like CSI followed. His quartet performance is of a strong eastern european identity, moody, dark yet uplifting emotional.


Vilmos Solymosi (1976)
- started in the mid eighties as the hungarian hiphop DJ of zero hour
- 1996 has won the domestic DMC championship
- founding member of the groundbraking hungarian instrumental hiphop band "Az Árral Szemben"
- 1998 met the then 18years old Yonderboi
- has contributed all scratches to Yonderboi´s internationally acclaimed debut album "Shallow and Profound" (UGAR016-2)
- as a member of The Yonderboi Quintet has performed around 200 concerts all around Europe
- founding member of Zagar (, a band consisting mostly of musicians of the Yonderboi Quartet
- with Zagar numerous live performances from Southern-Italy to Western-Siberia at dance clubs and jazz festivals
- late 2004 he has completed his solo debut album "The Silent Partner" (UGAR036-2, released March 2005)


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1998-2000 DJ Bootsie has produced two albums for the then groundbraking hungarian hiphop band "Az Árral Szemben".
1999 he has contributed his scratches to the internationally acclaimed debut album "Shallow and Profound" by the hungarian prodigy Yonderboi.
With Yonderboi´s keyboarder Zagar (check his EPK and DJ Bootsie has recorded the album "Local Broadcast". DJ Bootsie´s solo debutalbum "The Silent Partner" has been released early 2005. (All named albums are on the hungarian label Ugar Records.
Under the disguise Bigtétény´s Finest his "Horseriders Toward the Abyss" track (check the audio section) has been included to the famous compilation series Buddha Bar vol. 7. His "Sword Removed" track has been included to the 2005 mixalbum "My Playlist" of the respected french DJ Cam. The "Horseriders Toward The Abyss" Ttrack has been widely synched, even by CSI.
His second solo album entitled "Holidays in the Shade" has been released on the much respected UK niche label BBE late 2009.

Set List

Tracks from "The Silent Partner" album by DJ Bootsie and related own non-album compositions. He also plays material from his forthcoming second solo album. As per request links to live recordings can be provided.