The D-Madness Project/D-Madness

The D-Madness Project/D-Madness


One man 'funkstramentalism' band!...often accompanied by 1-3 sidemen and female vocalist. What D Madness, Dwayne Jackson does no one else does: from smooth jazz to funk to jam to reggae to R&B to hip-hop, he does it all!


D-Madness, L. Dwayne Jackson, born in Dallas, now out of Austin, TX. Blind since birth, his father discovered D's talent when he was age 3. Now a matured and highly regarded musician, he is master of the ASR-10, drum kit, and strings. His talent has been recognized by such name artists as Erykah Badu, who tapped him to be in the music documentary, "Before The Music Dies" premiering Spring, '06. Dwayne's influences have been Stevie Wonder, George Benson, and many other greats.
Dwayne has fronted several performing band projects around Austin, such as Tribal Nation, and often is joined on stage with notable 'word smith',
Bavu Blakes. Dwayne has toured over his career, and has entertained other famous artists, such as Prince! Proof of the puddin' is to check his web site and dig his jam, then .....


Chek out his latest 'cuts 'n joints' on!
Just about everything D does is from scratch, all original!

Set List

Totally versatile: whatever the gig requires!