The Docs

The Docs

 College Station, Texas, USA

Pulling from a wide range of influences and diverse backgrounds, they evoke the full range of emotion in their audiences with a raw, passionate sound that fuses the harmonious tones of traditional Southern music and the aggressive energy of prog-rock.


A reading from the Book of Tombstone, 1:13:

And so it went that the ghost of Doc Holliday himself stumbled into central Texas and appeared before four starry-eyed boys with a holy mission: to accrue noise complaints and maybe do some resurrecting.

The famous outlaw first made his presence known to Jerod Justice in a basement open mic. Holliday inhabited the speakers and, in his best George Straight impression, sent Jerod on a pilgrimage to the sandy beaches of Country Music, margarita-in-hand.

Two towns over, Jeff Dolman opens his violin case, only to find his instrument replaced with heavy-gauge guitar strings and a handle of what the Russians refer to as “water.” It was easily the rowdiest violin recital in Texas history, and in some parts, he still answers to “Jeff The Baptist.”

Meanwhile, Holliday’s ghost appears to brothers-in-punk Ryan Brownlow and Dalton Weis in the midst of a 10-deep backyard moshpit, commanding them to depart from the land of Hardcore. As if on cue, a local punk unwittingly walks under a nearby mosquisto zapper and the kid’s beeswaxed mohawk catches aflame. They took it as a sign.

And thus the “The Wicked River Band” was created, and it was good, amen. But after a year of gigging, sharpening their skills, and wandering the red-dirt desert of Country, our four young heroes happened upon the humble church of Southern Rock. They held council with Pastor Jack White and Preacher Robert Plant, and thenceforth spread the gospel of Rock & Roll as “The Docs” (as a nod to Mister Holliday), sermonizing with their own rowdy brand of experimental, yet undeniably classic, rock and roll. 

Since then, The Docs have released a self-produced demo and their debut LP “Audacious”; shared stages with Bob Schneider, Black Pistol Fire, Jonathan Tyler and the Northern Lights, Whiskey Myers, Quiet Company, Driver Friendly, The Weeks, Saving Abel, Sol Cat,  and countless other nationally-acclaimed acts; rocked huge festivals such as the Pecan Street Festival, Rock The Republic, Firefest, and Chilifest; and resurrected rock music with their honest intensity and pure grade, 100% American heart.

In short, The Docs go where they are called, giving dance lessons to the dead and teaching us living folk how to die loud, proud, and with our boots on - the way Doc would have it. Amen.


The Runaway

Written By: Jerod Justice,Dalton Weis,Jeff Dolman,Stephen Brownlow

Verse 1:

I'm gonna be away for awhile,
and let my heart be.
I'm gonna be away for awhile,
so I can finally breathe.
Gonna be away for awhile
and let my heart break free.
Gonna be away and smile,
and reach for all I've ever dreamed.


Runaway and show your face to world now.
Runaway, don't be afraid, embrace it now.

Verse 2:

Gonna carry on for awhile,
don't cast no ill on me.
Gonna carry on and smile,
and reach for all I've dreamed.
Gonna carry on for awhile don't cast no harm on me.
Gonna carry on for awhile and reach for all I've ever dreamed.




They'll claim there's no other way.
Why risk the road of a lonely stray?
But if you allow me to say,
I choose the life of the runaway.


(repeat) x2


Seasons LP - April 2015
Audacious LP - April 2013
The Docs EP - September 2012

Set List


The Runaway


Brighter Days

Feelin on the Rise


Outta Control