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"The Doctor Teeeth play at the Agora tonight"

Most bands name check some of their influences to show who has helped shape their music. Very few actually get the chance to open a concert for the band that inspired them. Local band The Doctor Teeeth are getting that chance today when they open for Queens of the Stone Age lead singer Josh Homme's side project, Eagles of Death Metal.

"When we first heard the news we were like, 'Holy shit, this is great!'" drummer David Horton said. Horton added that opening for Eagles of Death Metal is great for the bands because they both have a similar style.

The self-described power trio formed three years ago when guitarist Rusty Boyer and bassist James Burge began writing songs and jamming, later picking up Horton as their permanent drummer.

"(We) just thought we were going to play one show at Mugs," Burge said.

Burge said due to the band's shortsightedness, they chose the name The Doctor Teeeth after a character on the Muppets. But it's a name that sticks with you, Burge said, and one they don't regret giving themselves.

Although they only expected to play one concert, Horton said they kept on booking shows and have toured extensively throughout Ohio and parts of Pennsylvania.

"We've been in every bar that you could name off the top of your head in Cleveland," Horton said.

Along with establishing a fan base in Ohio, the band recently won the Battle of Standing Rock in Kent, which allowed them to release their debut album Totems.

After initially recording six songs in 2004, Boyer said the band ran out of funding to complete the album.

"We spent so much money recording those (songs), we couldn't release them," Boyer said.

After seeing the CD package that the Battle of Standing Rock could give them if they won, Boyer said they entered and eventually won the competition, allowing them to spend some free time at Moondog Recording Company to re-record some songs as well as lay down some new tracks that would round out the album.

With their new album and tour schedule, which includes an upcoming concert in Montreal, The Doctor Teeeth hopes to bring rock 'n' roll back to its basic form with no glam or gimmick.

"We're not going for an emo or punk thing; we're just rock," Boyer said. "Our goal is not to be specific, but inclusive. There are so many variations out there, it seems like it's getting away from what rock is, and that's what we're trying to bring back."

The band combines harmonies that recall The Beatles with the jam-band feel of bands such as ZZ Top and James Gang in part due to their back-to-basics recording techniques.

"Most of the songs are just us playing live and then we went back into the studio and recorded our vocals and harmonies." Burge said. "It's the best, but cheapest way to record."

Burge said that those expecting a no-frills, in-your-face rock show will not be disappointed.

"(The audience) gets to see rock 'n' roll junkies on stage," Burge said, "We're having a blast."

Fans will also be able to see the band at their highest level so far, opening for the Eagles of Death Metal.

"This is our biggest show to date," Horton said.

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- The Daily Kent Stater

"Dr. Teeeth to get fans chattering at All-Day Earth Jam"

To quote The Dr. Teeeth’s guitarist, Rusty Boyer: “Punk rock is the lion in the cage, emo is the dead gazelle they feed to it, and Doctor Teeeth is the zoo.”

Make what you want of that, but don’t miss the band’s show tomorrow at Kent’s Club Khameleon.

The band takes its name from Dr. Teeth and the Electric Mayhem, the Muppets’ house band, adding the extra ‘e’ for copyright protection and adding “the” for the sake of monotony. The Dr. Teeeth is comprised of Kent State students Boyer, junior English major, on guitars; James Burgess, a senior marketing major, on bass; and former Kent student David Horton on drums.

“We were all college buddies hanging out, and we decided to get together with our instruments,” Burgess said.

“The whole idea behind the band is to develop and give our audience a unique, entertaining sound,” Boyer added. “We have more of a mission statement than a style: To do it straight up, inspire people to have fun and be a good band that people like to listen to. No bullshit, nothing complicated about it. People enjoy it.”

Burgess furthered Boyer’s statement by adding, “We try to do stuff that’s never been done before and push our limits.”

The band’s sound is a combination of Black Sabbath and Queens of the Stone Age with a hint of Pink Floyd and The Who. It features an emphasis on songwriting with substance. This shows especially true on their song “Pyramids.”

“The kind of music we consider ourselves is classic, or vintage, with a new twist,” Burgess said.

“We are hoping for a new scene where there’s more creativity going on,” Boyer concluded. “Taking the classic element and bringing it to the 2000s.”

The Dr. Teeeth played the Battle of the Bands and took home top honors for their night, only to lose to godot. in the finals.

They will be playing tomorrow at Club Khamelon and on April 30 at the Hi-Fi Club in Lakewood with This Is Exploding. Their Friday gig is part of the All-Day Earth Day Jam featuring Courageous

Minority and others. There are tracks available for download at

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- The Daily Kent Stater

"Teeeth ate away at competition"

Dr. Teeeth is a Kent-based rock band consisting of James Burgess, Dave Horton and Rusty Boyer. The group has been playing locally for a year and entered the competition for the opportunity to play at FlashFest. Musical influences for the band include Beck, Black Sabbath, Muddy Waters and Miles Davis.

The group’s high-energy performance incorporated powerful drumbeats and sound vocals. Burgess said the group plans to play around the area as much as possible, continue meeting other bands and work on getting its music out. - The Daily Kent Stater

"CD Review - TOTEMS"

The extra E in "Dr. Teeeth" stands for "effort." The Cleveland trio doesn't hit a single note gently on its debut album, playing swinging alt-rock that would have sounded good in 1956 or 1983. Without extra studio trickeration, bassist James Burge Jr., drummer David Horton, and guitarist Russell Boyer III hit old-fashioned three-part harmonies in gritty stories of back-alley romance, howling dogs, and hot smack. - D.X> Ferris for Scene Magazine, Cleveland

"Riff-Tastic Rock"n"Roll from The Doctor Teeeth"

The Doctor Teeeth are a band on a mission. They formed in 2003 in Kent, OH, and from day one they were set on that mission to make rock and roll fun, exciting, and relevant again. Their riff heavy Rock 'N' Roll, draws inspiration from legends like Sabbath as well as new school rockers like Queen of The Stone Age, and true to their rust belt roots, secondary attributes like image and fashion take a back seat to that good, honest rock music.

Cuts like "Ramblene" and "Groovy Shade" have been in heavy rotation at IRCWHQ the past couple months, and for good reason: Bassist James Burge, Jr, can lay down these killer, jazzy lines, guitarist Rusty Boyer has a knack for thick, sludgy, and massive riffs, and drummer David Leland Horton can pound the drums with the best of them.

The Doctor Teeeth - Ramblene [download]
The Doctor Teeeth - Groovy Shade [download]

The Doctor Teeeth have a busy month of March lined up. This Friday night, they'll be at the Cambridge Room at the HOB with The Living Stereo. Sunday night, it's on to the Agora and an opening spot for Wolfmonther. They also have dates scheduled March 16th at The Hi-Fi and March 28th back at the Cambridge Room. If you're a Cleveland Rocker, there's no excuse for not getting your rock fix from the good doctors.

The Doctor Teeeth

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"Kent crew mixes it up with classic rock, funk"

Kent crew mixes it up with classic rock, funk
Friday, February 09, 2007
John Benson
Special to The Plain Dealer

Dr. Teeeth, guitar rock

Hometown: Kent

Years performing: Two and a half years

Day gig: Marketing representative, valet parkers

Just like another Kent State University threesome that rode its heavy guitar riffs and funk jams to rock notoriety, Dr. Teeeth -- James Burge Jr. (bass/vocals), Rusty Boyer (guitar/vocals) and David Leland Horton (drums/vocals) -- features unique three-part harmonies with a power-trio aesthetic that has caught the collective ear of Northeast Ohio. "Rusty plays the guitar like Joe Walsh [the James Gang], how he plays lead and rhythm at the same time," said Burge, a 1996 Avon High School graduate. "We're just basically a rock 'n' roll band, a throwback to classics and a mix to what's going on now -- Queens of the Stone Age, Eagles of Death Metal, White Stripes, Black Keys. We all grew up listening to classic rock with our families, who basically gave us their record collections." In true rock 'n' roll fashion, the financially broke three-piece had to win the Kent Cultural Arts Society's "Battle of Standing Rock" competition last summer so it could release its debut effort, "Totems." Dr. Teeeth plays at 9 tonight at the Agora Ballroom, 5000 Euclid Ave., Cleveland. Also on the bill are Living Stereo, the Black Diamonds and Dead In London. Tickets are $8 advance, $10 day of show. Call 216-881-6911.

- The Cleveland Plain Dealer


Totems - debut full-length album made in Kent. 17 tracks, all original. Full package. New Release WOW!!!

Materia Prima - 7 track EP from 2005. WOW!!!

Sweet Poses - first recordings, first LP. 9 songs from 2003. WOW!!!



The Doctor Teeeth formed a few years ago in Kent. Ohio with a simple plan: to play straight up rock n’ roll like people aren’t hearing anymore. The Doctor Teeeth’s members consist of David Leland Horton, 28 (Drums/Vocals) Rusty Boyer, 29 (Guitar/Vocals), and James Burge Jr., 29 (Bass/Vocals). Their songs are raw and energetic, with thick vocal harmonies and powerful, driving music. They emulate their classic rock, blues and folk influences by making fresh, freaked-out rock n’ roll sounds that are sometimes haggard, sometimes dirty, but always sweet, just like their Northeast Ohio home. They are as equally disposed to lashing out with heavy guitar-based riffs and heavy jams as they are to playing intimate, ragged tunes with tight harmonies and heady improvisations in the classic power-trio format.

The Doctor Teeeth make heavy, colorful rust belt rock and roll music with a completely populist approach - they believe everyone in the room can be moved by their raw energy and exciting performances, and work hard to get and keep the people's attention. They have a Beatles-esque approach to vocals—as if the Beatles were actually Deep Purple—and the vocals/bass/organ/guitar combination was actually all vocals. This vocal power is tightly bound towards the purpose of real, soulful rock defiance, encompassing equally heavy and melodic influences found in bands such as Queens of The Stone Age or Black Sabbath. The Doctor Teeeth also sight “Kevlar” as a large influence and compare their sound to “honey.”

The Doctor Teeeth have opened for many of their favorite and most influential bands, including Wolfmother and Eagles of Death Metal. The Doctor Teeeth are now based in Cleveland and are busy playing to packed houses at such notable venues as The Cleveland Agora, House of Blues, and The Beachland Ballroom and Tavern. They are nominated by The Cleveland Free Times in the category of “Best Rock Band” to be announced at the Free Times Music Awards on February 28, 2008.