The Doctor Teeeth

The Doctor Teeeth


The new brand of original rock and roll. The Doctor Teeeth is dedicated to delivering raw, creative rock that is reminiscent of the classics and what made them great while taking those elements in to the future with high-intensity shows.


The Doctor Teeeth formed a few years ago in Kent. Ohio with a simple plan: to play straight up rock n’ roll like people aren’t hearing anymore. The Doctor Teeeth’s members consist of David Leland Horton, 28 (Drums/Vocals) Rusty Boyer, 29 (Guitar/Vocals), and James Burge Jr., 29 (Bass/Vocals). Their songs are raw and energetic, with thick vocal harmonies and powerful, driving music. They emulate their classic rock, blues and folk influences by making fresh, freaked-out rock n’ roll sounds that are sometimes haggard, sometimes dirty, but always sweet, just like their Northeast Ohio home. They are as equally disposed to lashing out with heavy guitar-based riffs and heavy jams as they are to playing intimate, ragged tunes with tight harmonies and heady improvisations in the classic power-trio format.

The Doctor Teeeth make heavy, colorful rust belt rock and roll music with a completely populist approach - they believe everyone in the room can be moved by their raw energy and exciting performances, and work hard to get and keep the people's attention. They have a Beatles-esque approach to vocals—as if the Beatles were actually Deep Purple—and the vocals/bass/organ/guitar combination was actually all vocals. This vocal power is tightly bound towards the purpose of real, soulful rock defiance, encompassing equally heavy and melodic influences found in bands such as Queens of The Stone Age or Black Sabbath. The Doctor Teeeth also sight “Kevlar” as a large influence and compare their sound to “honey.”

The Doctor Teeeth have opened for many of their favorite and most influential bands, including Wolfmother and Eagles of Death Metal. The Doctor Teeeth are now based in Cleveland and are busy playing to packed houses at such notable venues as The Cleveland Agora, House of Blues, and The Beachland Ballroom and Tavern. They are nominated by The Cleveland Free Times in the category of “Best Rock Band” to be announced at the Free Times Music Awards on February 28, 2008.


Totems - debut full-length album made in Kent. 17 tracks, all original. Full package. New Release WOW!!!

Materia Prima - 7 track EP from 2005. WOW!!!

Sweet Poses - first recordings, first LP. 9 songs from 2003. WOW!!!

Set List

Our typical set list consists of original high energy music. Our set times usually vary from 45 min to 1hr and 15 min. This is what a typical set looks like, give or take a song or two.
1. Dirt City Business
2. Vigilante
3. Sweet Sparks
4. Hot Smack
5. Paris
6. Ramblene
7. I Like It
8. Groovy Shade
9. Pyramids
We don't typically play cover songs at our shows. However, we have learned a handful of different artists' tunes. Like:
1. Blue Cheer - Out of Focus
2. Marvin Gaye - Inner City Blues
3. Z.Z. Top - Just Got Paid
- I'm Bad, I'm Nationwide
- Francine
4. Led Zepellin - How Many More Times
5. Jimi Hendrix - Machine Gun
- Who Knows
6. Queens of the Stone Age - The Lost Art of Keeping a Secret.
7. White Stripes - Hello Operator
8. Doors - Five to One

In addition to our above set we have many more original songs;

1. Pretty Girl
2. On the Run
3. Sand
4. Water Everywhere
5. Cannibals
6. Winter home