The Dodo quartet

The Dodo quartet


We are "The Dodo quartet", musicians from Belgrade, Serbia, in love with music. We are academist musicians (Belgrade, Novi Sad, Weimar - Germany). The Dodo bird is our inspiration because it was a friendly bird, ready for frendship and love. But, that readyness killed it...


We are two couples from Serbia, joined in love for music and love in general. :-))

This is our first song together, recorded on the Faculty of music in Belgrade. We hope you will like it. :-)


The song of the Dodo bird

Written By: Milica Ilic

The song of the Dodo bird

The song of the Dodo bird
is the song I love.

Because the Dodo song
is the most peaceful song
bud we don't hear it anymore
'cause the Dodo bird is gone.

The Dodo bird was a fearless bird
not aware of all the dangers that exist.
Threats that he, eventually
was not able to resist.

The wingless Dodo bird
had no enemies,
he had but a single wish
that's to live, to live in peace.

So now from this point of view
of a world built on war
the memory of the Dodo song
comes to me more and more.


Not yet. :)

Set List

Our band exists only for seven days now. But we hope to be playing latin music, french music, jazz standards and original works by Milica.