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This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


"There is no try only do"

The Doers Put Station A Away
What does a band do when the lead guitarist quits and the bassist
nearly dies in a three-storey fall off the drummers roof? If you are
the guys who used to be in that band Station A, you start up some-
thing else and you call it the Doers and you dump the electric and
you pick the acoustic and you bloody well do it. Then you get really
drunk and play German board games until eight in the morning. I
couldn’t believe these guys weren't throwing in the towel, but after
getting to know them a little bit I understand now that these gents
are wonderful and insane. The night we sat down to do the inter-
view we ended up getting so drunk we couldn’t see and it turned
into a giant binge. I love these guys.

TCW: How are you guys doing?

Sean: Really well.

Barry: Spiffy.

S: Barry's spiffed.

TCW: How do you like being a Doer now.

S: Its really fun. It's really nice being a Doer and not a thinker. It's
also nice being acoustic because we can get gigs around campfires
and in bedrooms.

Jeff: And weddings.

B: It does.

TCW: Eh?

S: It's like you and your girlfriend break up and then you guys get
back together and she's missing an arm.

TCW: But she's still sexy?

S: She's missing an arm.

TCW: This is going really well.

S: Are you gonna edit this crap out?

B: We should scrap the whole thing.

S: We almost scrapped the whole thing when Chris quit and then we
went acoustic. Is that how it happened?

B: What whole thing?

S: Station A.

B: We almost scrapped Station A but we did.

TCW: Yeah that’s too bad. Have you caught any flack over the breakup?

B: Luke Meat says to me, "Is it really over?" and I said, "Yeah, Chris quit."

S: Then he says to Barry "How do you like being punched in the face?"

TCW: Jesus.

S: I don't know.

TCW: So what's the biggest difference between Station A and the Doers?

S: Volume.

B: Yes.

S: The Doers songs are more like campfire songs and Station A songs are...

B: Round the office kinds of songs?

S: No…yeah.

TCW: Barry you're looking pretty classy in that tie.

J: He's on the make.

B: People are paying money to see us so I figure I should look a little nice.

S: I don't wear many ties but I'd say scarves are looking pretty attractive.

B: But we aren't a scarf rock band.

S: Like the Nasty On?

B: no.

TCW: Oh man… Are you guys gonna do another concept record or
anything now that you got the new band?

S: Nope.

B: We were thinking about doing soundtracks.

S: No we weren't.

TCW: Hey was it really lame recording with Mike Watt or what?

S: Yeah he's not too good.

B: No.

S: No, it was a mind blow.

B: No it wasn’t.

TCW: What?

B: No it wasn’t lame.

TCW: No I didn’t think so.

S: I thought that’s what you were driving at.

TCW: Driving at what?

S: About recording with Watt being lame. That’s what I thought you said,
of course it wasn’t lame. He is so kind and was so generous for giving us
his time like that, a truly inspiring individual and player.

TCW: Well do I get to hear it?

S: When?

TCW: sure.

S: In the fall, as a Doers double EP.

TCW: A double EP.

S: Well yeah we don’t have enough money for two EPs so were putting
two EP's together.

TCW: is that an LP?

S: no it’s a double EP.

TCW: On your Flyer Records there… that's going pretty good?

S: Yeah, we got a big old convergence with Black Rice and Assertion and
the Robosexuals and the mission is to put Stutter Records out of business.

TCW: Holy.

S: What am I saying? I love all those folks. Kathy Dube from the Cinch sings
with us and the Nasty On bought me a car for doing CitySick cover.

TCW: Harsh.

S: Yup.

TCW: What inspired the Doers to do as you do?

S: Dan Clowes. I hope his art looks a little bit like we sound, wouldn't you
say Bar?

B: Sure.

J: And Dewar's whisky.

B: We're influenced by alcohol.

S: Duplo influences the Doers as well.

TCW: The big lego?

B: The German chocolate dude.

TCW: Hmm, I guess that whole accident Barry had with fall and the coma
was pretty hard. How did that experience affect everyone?

S: Don't mention the fall dude.

B: What?

- Terminal City Weekly (cover story)


Ready, Set...Do/I Can Enjoy Almost Anything CD
Streaming on New Music Canada, The Doers website, single airplay of "one end snaps" on Citr Vancouver radio, national college radio mailout in August


Feeling a bit camera shy


Hailing from Vancouver, The Doers are a three-piece acoustic-folk-punk-soft-math-rock band with a pleasant smell and a firm handshake
The band is formed from 3/4 of the surviving members of Vancouver legends STATIONa, who recorded three LPs and were notorious for providing a wall of sound, often leaving the audience screaming for more or in an ambulance.

The Doers have managed to capture the intensity of STATIONa but with a portion of the volume, minus one member and far less gear. With influences that range from the Minutemen to the Modern Lovers and everywhere else in between, they take listeners and viewers on a journey that partially resembles a Carlos Castaneda novel, only with larger font and better prose. After exploding onto the Vancouver music scene last summer with 22 local shows and a cover story in Terminal City Weekly, The Doers embarked on three tours of B.C. and Alberta, highlighted by an opening slot for Mike Watt at Calgary’s Night Gallery.

I Can Enjoy Almost Anything/Ready Set…Do", was recorded at Rec-age Recorders and features Sean Maxey on guitar/vocals, Barry Higginson on bass, Jeff Sebastian on drums and Kathy Dube (also of The Cinch) on vocals. The Doers have formulated a beautiful, aggressive, soothing, tantric record.
This record includes cameos from the likes of legendary Mike Watt (Minutemen, fIREHOSE) who played bass on a number of tracks while Barry Higginson recovered from a near fatal injury. (The ordeal was documented on and entitled "The Art of Recovery; Bedside Drawings of a Fallen Friend" as illustrated by Sean Maxey.)

Other cameos include Joel Tong (Black Rice), Juli Steemson (Black Rice), Jesse Gander (DBS, Operation Makeout), and the infamous John Cow (Northland Lumber, Honeycow). Recently the Doers signed a licensing agreement with Red Cat Records, with exclusive distribution through Scratch Records. This fine first offering is set for release September 14th, 2004.