The DogBand/Lonnie Sigman

The DogBand/Lonnie Sigman


Not your run-o-the mill Blues,Rock,funky Country Jazz Fusion band but an amalgamation of several influences all tied together by unique guitar stylings and one of the most impressively tight rhythm sections around.


Lonnie Sigman has been writing song/stories since he first heard the Beatles in 1964 and then started really writing songs in 1973 and has never stopped...The last count was at 943...These songs are reflections of everything that cross's our path in this eternal journey thru the steps of our life; both personal and observation...Music has always been the positive core of collective communication and that's what this music is all about
The dOGbAND are Brian, Roger, Mike and Lonnie united!~ as one in their pursuit to share their love& observations thru their music...It is what it is...we are all part of each other...let's grow and share positively...
Some of our influences include such artists as Eric Clapton, Weather Report, John Hyatt, Jeff Beck, Average White Band, Cracker, Morphine and too many others to name.
The Dog Band strives to be original, cutting edge and above all else dignified, Not jumping on the bandwagon like so many bands on what they deem to be one of the worst waves of top 40 radio in decades. Music with integrity and heart and the ability to make you get up and dance are paramount with this outfit.


Make a Good Thing

Written By: Lonnie Sigman

We all want the same thing,
for the heart's in our life,
Work hard everyday
sometimes a compromise
Tho many roads we travel
sometimes deep in strife,
The heart is the real thing
for directions in our lives

*So make a good thing
for your sake baby
Yes make a good thing,
...for your direction

Many times I caught myself
deep within a sigh
Holdin' my head,
I started to cry
When brick ways call you
just go crash them down,
In your undertakings,
just listen to the sound
So when you go travelin'
yeah travelin' in your mind
Remember that inside,
there is a light that always shines
And serious situations
if you grow attached
Will lead you away
from your own dirrected tasks

Flying Plates

Written By: Lonnie Sigman

I have been broken down,
one two many times
And I have spoken,
he worst things coming from my mind
* But you and I, we break it all down
..feels likeflying plates and saucers, the ground

As the moon turns to melting cheese,
And all the big cats, jump down from their burning trees
It's just the time,
for you and me to see
It's what we do right now,
that plants tomorrows trees
I have been broken down ,
one two many times
And I have spoken,
the worst things coming from my mind
But now's the time,
for all of us to see
It's what we do right now,
to bring tomorrow to it's knees


Singles include Flying Plates. In the Land of Milk and Honey and BREAKIN' the WAVES of which appear on The dOGbAND's Driving Sideways LP (being produced by Trae Stokes.

Set List

A typical set for an opener would be about 12 songs 45 to 55 min. Although sets for a three hour
show could easily be managed. Some of the Songs would be:

Flying Plates(psychedelic rock)
Tulsa Hotel Room(blues)
Something About Comfort(country rock)
Baby She Knows(country)
Howlin' Lonely(rock-a-billy)
The Rooster Crows(country rock)
Down The Road(blues rock)
I've Been Running(latin rock)
I Heard The News(rock)
Shes A Lady(country)
Breakin' The Waves(hypnodic rock)
Make a Good Thing(funkin'rock)
The Land of Milk and Honey(funkin' blue rock)
No cover tunes unless requested.