The Domino Kings

The Domino Kings


Supertwang country rock guitar music that runs you down like a big rig hauling jet fuel. Killer harmonies & stellar musicianship all around. Original songs that at once sound fresh & familiar. This band crosses enough stylistic territory the only word that really describes their sound is "American".



The Domino Kings are the rockin’est country combo in the Midwest and prominent purveyors of a thriving Missouri roots-music sound. Led by master guitar twang-banger Stevie Newman, they garnered much praise for the three CDs they cut between 1999 and 2002 — Lonesome Highway, Life & 20, and The Back of Your Mind, all produced by Lou Whitney — from critics at such publications as USA Today, The Washington Post, Billboard, and Entertainment Weekly.

Now HighTone Records has released Some Kind of Sign, the Springfield, Missouri-based band’s fourth set of songs. The new Whitney-produced disc covers broad stylistic territory, from Bakersfield, California-inspired honky tonk to Lubbock, Texas-spiced rockabilly, all of it singed by the distinctive DK brand. The 11 tunes are originals, written by Stevie Newman, other group members, and close associates.

The Domino Kings’ music reflects Newman’s deep grounding in country music as a boy in rural Hickory County, Missouri. His mom listened to records by Merle Haggard, George Jones, Bill Monroe, the Stanley Brothers, the Carter Family, and the Happy Goodmans on a daily basis. As a teenager, he began playing guitar on Opry-style concerts throughout Missouri, as well as for the Ginnings Sisters, a gospel-singing group made up of his mom and two aunts. He’s recorded six albums with the trio to date.

"We grew up on songs about God and killin’ and Jesus and mother and killin’," he states.

Yet there was a time when Newman considered giving up on country music. "I was pretty discouraged with music in general in the ‘80s," he says. He even thought about chucking music entirely and concentrating on sports. Then, in early 1987, he heard the Desert Rose Band, Highway 101, and Dwight Yoakam on the radio. "They were all great California bands with hot guitar players playing loud Telecasters. That’s when I said, ‘Wait a minute. That’s cool.’" Other contemporary influences include the Paladins, Foster & Lloyd, the Wagoneers, Rodney Crowell, and Steve Earle.

The Domino Kings were launched in 1993 as a three-piece party band playing rockabilly, blues, country, surf music, and whatever else struck their fancy. By the time of their first recording, however, they’d honed their trademark rockin’ country sound. The band now averages around 200 live dates per year and has headlined festivals in France and Holland.

"While lots of bands sing about faithless women, getting even, and going back for more," Alanna Nash wrote in Entertainment Weekly, "few do it with as much style as the Domino Kings."

Stevie Newman
Stevie Newman, founder of The Domino Kings, grew up on real music. You know, the good stuff. Born into a musical family, Stevie soaked up the constant exposure to Gospel hymns of the churches his family still attends. He was also struck by the music of Haggard, Jones, Williams, Robbins, Cash, the Carter Family, Buddy Holly, Elvis Presley, Jerry Lee Lewis & KISS.

Taking up guitar at age 14, these influences mixed with countless others to form Stevie’s unique style of playing. Self taught, he plays guitar, lap steel, mandolin & upright bass. Guitar Player Magazine & Vintage Guitar Magazine have interviewed Stevie & profiled his style, in addition to reviewing The Domino Kings albums.

Stevie’s songwriting style is as unique as his guitar playing. His appreciation for styles ranging from English & Scottish folk ballads all the way to rock & roll, his rural Baptist Missouri upbringing & his love of literature combine to form a style & point of view all his own.

Bobby Lloyd Hicks
Bobby Lloyd is one of the finest drummers alive today, & that's no exaggeration. His most recent gig was a 12 year run in Dave Alvin's band, The Guilty Men. Before that, he was (& still is) the drummer for the Skeletons. Bobby Lloyd has opened for Bob Dylan & played Madison Square Garden on more than one occasion, first in Granny's Bathwater, backing up the great Martha Reeves. He's also a fantastic singer.

Neil Dirickson
From Tulsa Oklahoma, Neil Dirickson's talents only begin with the bass licks he plays in The Domino Kings and add to the groups versatility. Neil is also the singer, songwriter, guitar player & leader of Tulsa's own great rock & roll band, Nude Furniture. Did we mention he also rocks on the drums?

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For media information on the Domino Kings, please contact conqueroo:

Cary Baker (818) 501-2001


Some Kind of Sign (2005)- HighTone Records

The Back of Your Mind (2002)- Slewfoot Records

Life & 20 (2000)- Slewfoot Records

Lonesome Highway (1999)- Independent release, licenced to Slewfoot records

Set List

Their set list changes constantly, moving through four albums' worth of original songs, new material they're trying out & the literally hundreds of songs in the band's ever growing repertoire.