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Label: Creep Records
Producer: Arik Victor
Recorded at Creep Studios (Downingtown, PA)
Mastering at Masterworks in Philadelphia
Release Date: June 24, 2008
Distro: Redeye Distribution

Track Listing:
1. Language
2. Kidney Stone
3. This Is Our David
4. Setting the Sun
5. Operation: Fiscal Jackhammer
6. The Dash



Philadelphia's The Domino Theory formed in 2003 as three pimple-faced high school kids formed the chords of their favorite Minor Threat songs in each others' basements. After five years of packaging their records in zip-lock bags, developing their press pictures in the photo lab during 6th period, and touring the east coast with a Ford Explorer, those three boys... Patrick Graham, Andrew McQuiston, and Patrick "Dos" Ware (now acne free... for the most part)... still have faith in the punk rock way of life they grew up admiring, and are prepared to test that faith as they release their debut EP on Creep Records, Language.

In a lyrical sense, Language has far surpassed anything the boys could have ever imagined. While still managing to stick true to their political values, The Domino Theory presents personal yet all-too-familiar dilemmas that any human being can relate to. "With most of our past songs I would just rant about politics with no direct point," singer/guitarist Patrick Graham explains, "but with the songs on Language, I applied my personal experiences when being forced to defend my politics. When many people first meet my friends and me, they immediately label us as opinionated bastards. While this holds true, even in the most miniscule way, for every punk kid, I wanted the lyrics on Language to show that our intentions are for a positive change and also to give human beings reasons to survive."

Although they'd love to boast about a quick and easy trip to the top of the cage match known as the DIY punk world, The Domino Theory has been working hard to get to where they are now. Most of their shows consist of them smiling by their merch while their less than impressed counterparts scoff at the animal rights material spread across the band's table. The boys would probably have a much easier time pestering Philly's biggest promoters for epic shows, but they find it much more endearing to indulge in the grassroots. "We definitely get stoked at the chance to play a bigger show," Graham says, "but it is way more lifting to hear a thirteen year-old kid in a crumbling basement tell me, 'This is my favorite concert ever! And you guys are my favorite band ever!' than to preach to the choir… not that playing with Shook Ones wasn’t my favorite show ever..."

In January of 2008, those DIY shows started paying off. The Domino Theory signed to Creep Records and headed into the studio to record Language. The band all agrees that it is their best work to date, and are already booking a full US tour to support the record this summer. "We grew up loving bands like Strike Anywhere, Bad Brains, Minor Threat, and The Clash," says bassist for the band, Andrew McQuiston. "And this record finally captures those bands’ passion for social issues, while still encompassing our love for melodic bands like Osker, Saves the Day, and Jawbreaker."

The Domino Theory is feeling nothing but optimism as they face the beginning of their endless journey. Now armed with more animal rights pamphlets than ever, these kids are ready to bring their message of hope and positive action to the world. "We’ve watched our band do nothing but progress," says Graham. "Why would we ever stop if it has just been constant progression? That’s also a big part of our attitude towards punk rock. We thrive off of positive progression, and any negative regression only causes us to search for the ever-present positive nature in something or someone, which roughly translates to never taking ourselves too seriously. We know what's corrupt in our world, and the only solutions we can think to come up with are optimism, playing songs about honest intentions, touring the country in a van which constantly plays zombie movies on its rad TV, and drowning our sorrows in delicious vegan food."