The Dom Minasi Trio

The Dom Minasi Trio


Hi energy avant- jazz guitar trio


The Dom Minasi Trio came into world prominence with its’ recording of Takin’ The Duke Out. An outing that had diehard Ellington fans screaming and moaning, while modernists hailed Dom Minasi as the new savior of modern music.
With seasoned musicians, Ken Filiano of Vinny Golia fame and Jackson Krall a regular with Cecil Taylor, this amazing trio took the most over-played Ellington songs and brought them to places they had never been before. It caused one reviewer to say; “ What did Ellington do to deserve this? ” and yet another journalist wrote;” if Duke were alive today, he would be in the audience cheering them on.” David Adler penned Dom “a six string Cecil Taylor”, a title Dom wears with pride.


For the Trio: 1. Takin' The Duke Out
2. Goin' Out Again
For Dom Minasi same as above plus
Time will Tell & Quick Response
all cds have had much radio play and the last one Quick Response was #4 on the CMJ Jazz charts for 10 weeks

Set List

1. Foot Prints Wayne Shorter
2. Satin Doll Ellington
3. The Dark Side Dom Minasi
4. The Day After Next.Dom Minasi
5. Well You Needn't Monk
One Hour Set ..typical set is a mixture of originals and de-constructed covers