The Dont's

The Dont's

 San Francisco, California, USA

"There's something oddly innocent about their sound, a reminder that indie didn't always sound like it was produced via marketing focus groups." – East Bay Express

“The Dont's sound like Can meets the Replacements. It makes me almost wet myself.” – Tiny Mix Tapes


The Dont's improvise cures for tomorrow in their sonic laboratory in San Francisco, amassing hundreds of hours of experimental recordings since forming in 2004.

The Dont's third record, Those Delicate Chemicals, encompasses the band's blend of an 80s/90s post-punked heyday that still nods to the Fall, Replacements and Talking Heads, but ultimately dowses itself in a distinctly original 21st-century haze of interstellar bass, washed out and brittled guitars, thunderous drums, and arcs of lyrical madness and self-reflexive epiphany. TDC is refined one moment, reckless the next, and astutely sequenced in three phrases of chemical bliss to caustic comedown.

After their record Inner El Camino hit the streets in early 2007, they were named CMJ Artist of the Week, showcased at CMJ 2007 New York and SF’s Noise Pop 2008 and 2009. They have had the good fortune to share stages with notable touring acts Ted Leo, French Kicks, and the Octopus Project.


Those Delicate Chemicals (2010)
Inner El Camino (2007)
Misc Radio Leakage (2005)

Set List

40-60 minutes (all original material)